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Scratch Parkour – The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Sport

The sport of parkour, or “the art” of movement, is gaining in popularity around the globe. Its freestyle, unrestricted nature, has attracted people of all ages who are looking for a physical challenge and an adrenaline rush.

Scratch parkour is a variation on traditional parkour that only uses the upper body. Scratch parkour uses the palms, wrists, and fingers instead of the feet, legs and hips which are characteristic of traditional parkour.

This comprehensive guide will explore scratch parkour’s history, benefits, equipment, techniques, and safety tips. This guide is a great resource for any athlete, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete.

What is Scratch parkour?

Scratch parkour, a variation on traditional parkour, relies exclusively on the upper body to move. It involves using the palms and fingers to propel yourself forward over obstacles.

Scratch parkour requires a high level of upper body strength and endurance. It is a demanding sport that requires a lot of focus and control in order to perform movements successfully.

Scratch Parkour: A Brief History

It is difficult to trace the origins of scratch-parkour, as it was developed by communities of parkour enthusiasts who experimented with different styles of movements in urban environments. Scratch parkour was popularized in France by a group parkour athletes during the 1990s.

As parkour gained popularity around the world, athletes began to specialize. Scratch parkour is one of many variations of parkour. Each has its own physical demands and challenges.

Scratch Parkour: Benefits

For athletes who are willing to invest the time to master scratch parkour, it offers many benefits. Here are some key benefits of scratching parkour.

1. Improved Upper Body Strength

Scratch parkour requires a high level of upper body strength and endurance. By practicing scratch-parkour, athletes develop defined and strong muscles in their shoulders, arms, and back.

2. Cardiovascular Health

The intense movements that are required to perform scratch parkour help improve cardiovascular health and increase stamina. As athletes learn how to control their breath while simultaneously controlling their movements, they can push themselves to the limits.

3. Mental Toughness

Scratch Parkour is a mentally demanding sport that requires a high level of concentration and control in order to successfully execute movements. Athletes need to develop high levels concentration, courage and problem-solving abilities to master the sport.

4. Flexibility and mobility are improved

Scratch parkour requires a high level of flexibility and mobility in order to execute movements correctly. Over time, athletes will develop greater flexibility and mobile in their upper body. This can be transferred into other areas of fitness routine.

5. Confidence Enhanced

As athletes improve their skills and learn new movements, their self-confidence often increases. Scratch parkour can provide a sense accomplishment and mastery which can be transferred to other areas of the athlete’s life.

How to Start with Scratch Parkour

Here are some basic steps to getting started with scratch parkour.

1. Find a Community

Scratch parkour requires guidance and instruction. Find a group of athletes in your area who can help you learn the basics.

2. Invest in the Right Equipment

Scratch parkour is a simple activity that requires minimal equipment. However, it’s important to invest in gloves and wrist wraps of high quality to protect your wrists and hands during intense movements.

3. Start slowly and build your endurance

Scratch parkour can be a challenging and demanding sport. It is important to begin slowly and gradually build up your endurance. Focus on mastering the fundamental movements before moving onto more complex and advanced moves.

Techniques in Scratch Parkour

Scratch parkour is a sport that requires a lot of upper body strength. Here are some key techniques used in scratch-parkour:

1. Wall Runs

Wall runs are an old-school technique that is used in both traditional parkour and scratch. The technique involves running up to a wall and leaping off of the ground. You can then use your fingers and palms to propel yourself to the top.

2. Cat Leaps

Scratch parkour also includes cat leaps. The technique involves jumping between obstacles and gripping the edge with your hands before pulling yourself up.

3. Monkey Climbs

Monkey climbs is a basic scratch technique in parkour that involves using your fingers and hands to climb up an obstruction, usually a railing or a wall.

4. Palm Spins

The palm spin is a technique that requires you to spin your body while holding an obstacle. This movement requires considerable upper body strength and control in order to be executed successfully.

Safety Tips for Scratch Parkour

Scratch parkour can be a demanding and challenging sport. It requires adequate preparation and concentration to execute it effectively. Here are some safety tips you should consider when practicing scratch-parkour:

1. Wear Protective Gear

To protect your hands and arms during intense movements, it is important to invest in high quality gloves and wrist wraps.

2. Practice on Soft Surfaces

Practice on soft surfaces like grass, sand, or rubber mats to reduce the risk for injury during intense movements.

3. Start slowly and build your endurance

It is important to begin slowly and gradually build up your endurance. Focus on mastering the fundamentals before moving onto more complex and advanced movements.

4. Stay Hydrated

It is important to remain hydrated during your practice sessions.


Scratch parkour can be a thrilling and challenging sport. It requires a lot of upper body strength to perform it effectively. This guide will help you to begin your journey towards mastering scratch parkour.

When practicing scratch parkour, it is important to always keep safety in mind.

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