ParkourVisions: A Complete Guide to Free Running and Parkour Training

If you want to challenge yourself physically and mentally while getting fit, parkour training could be the answer. ParkourVisions offers a comprehensive resource to anyone interested in free running and parkour. Our team of experts, coaches and trainers have developed a program to help you reach your potential as a parkour competitor. We have the tools, techniques and support that you need, whether you’re an advanced practitioner or a beginner.

What is Parkour?

It is a discipline which involves using skills and techniques in order to navigate obstacles in an urban environment. In the 1980s, a group of young French men were inspired by the idea of moving creatively and freely through the world. Over time, the discipline of parkour has evolved to be a highly-disciplined form of movement requiring a high level physical fitness, agility and focus. The goal of parkour involves moving quickly and efficiently in any environment using the body’s inherent abilities to overcome obstacles.

What is free running?

Free running is a form of urban movement closely related to parkour. It involves acrobatic jumps and moves, but unlike parkour it places more emphasis on personal style and creative expression. Free runners often incorporate flips, twists and other acrobatic moves into their movements. Both parkour and the freerunning are highly physical disciplines requiring strength, agility and coordination.

Why Choose ParkourVisions?

ParkourVisions understands that everyone has a unique approach to training in parkour. We believe the best way to progress and learn is through a combination intensive training and individualized coaching. Our team of experienced coaches and trainers have years of experience in free running and parkour. We offer a variety of programs designed to meet the requirements of athletes of all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Our programs and classes

We offer a variety of classes and programs that are designed to assist you in achieving your parkour or free running goals. These include:

Beginner Classes

Our beginner classes are for those who have never done parkour or free running before. These classes are geared towards the basics of movement including jumping, vaulting and climbing. Our experienced trainers can help you improve your technique and form while also challenging you and exploring your potential.

Intermediate Classes

Our intermediate classes are for those who already have some experience with parkour and freerunning. These classes are geared towards advanced skills and techniques such as precision jumps, flow work, and cat leaps. Our trainers will help you improve your skills and coordination.

Advanced Classes

Our advanced classes are for experienced parkour and running practitioners who want to take their skills to a new level. These classes are focused on highly technical movements such as wall runs and rail work. Our coaches will help you develop both the physical and mental acuity needed to master these challenging moves.

Private Coaching

For those who prefer private coaching, we also offer one-on-one sessions. These sessions can be scheduled to meet your needs and goals and are tailored to suit you. Our experienced coaches will work closely with you to create a program tailored to your needs and abilities.

Our Philosophy and Approach

ParkourVisions believes that free running and parkour are more than physical activities. These are philosophies which help us to develop greater self-awareness and discipline. Our training approach is based on an holistic model that includes physical, mental, as well as emotional development. We believe that cultivating these qualities within ourselves will make us better athletes and people.

Our philosophy is based on the following principles.


We believe that the fear of failure is the biggest obstacle to personal development and growth. By facing our fears, and embracing challenges we can develop the confidence and courage necessary to achieve our goal.


The key to free running and parkour is flexibility and improvisation. We believe that adapting to changing circumstances is the key to success.


Parkour and freerunning require a high level of discipline and commitment. We believe that developing the discipline to push through obstacles and setbacks will allow us to reach our full potential as individuals and athletes.

Training Techniques and Tools

ParkourVisions uses a variety training techniques and tools to assist our athletes in achieving their goals. These include:

Strength Training

Strength training is a key component of free running and parkour. We use a variety exercises and equipment to help our athletes build greater muscular endurance and overall strength.


Another important part of parkour is conditioning. We use a range of exercises to help our athletes improve their cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Technique Work

Technique is key to mastering parkour and freerunning. We use a variety of drills and routines to help develop proper technique and form, as well as build muscle memory and coordination.

Obstacle Course Work

The core of free running and parkour training is obstacle course work. We use a range of outdoor and indoor environments, such as urban settings and specially designed obstacle course, to help our athletes develop their skills and movements within a real-world setting.

How to Start using ParkourVisions

Sign up for a class or program on our website if you’re interested. We offer a variety of options to suit your needs, such as online classes, in person classes, and private coaching. Our website is full of information and resources, including articles, videos, and tutorials to help you start your parkour or free running training.

ParkourVisions is passionate about helping athletes achieve their full potential in parkour and freerunning. We believe that free running and parkour can have a transformative effect, both on and outside the course. Join us at ParkourVisions to start your journey and take your skills to the next level.

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