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Everything You Need to Know About Parkour Athletes


Parkour is an urban sport that involves running, jumping, climbing and other acrobatic movements in order to move over obstacles and walls. Parkour athletes are people who have spent time and effort learning the art of parkour. They are a highly inspiring and talented group of people. This article will discuss the world of parkour and what it takes to be one.

Parkour Athlete

Although anyone can practice parkour it is possible to become a professional parkour athlete. Finding a group of parkour athletes is the first step to becoming an athlete. Then, you need to start training regularly. Many cities have parksour clubs or gyms where athletes can train together and share their knowledge.

Training Exercises

Parkour athletes can train in a variety of activities, including simple running and jumping as well as complex acrobatic movements. Parkour athletes often practice the following:

  • Running and sprinting
  • Jumping over obstacles
  • Climbing walls or buildings
  • After jumps, roll and land safely
  • Balancing on narrow surfaces
  • Flipping and spinning mid-air

Preparing the mind and body

Parkour is more than just a sport. Mental preparation and discipline are essential. Parkour athletes must be able to focus and make quick decisions even when moving at high speeds or in precarious conditions.

The Right Mindset

Parkour athletes must keep a positive mindset and stay focused. Parkour athletes must be able think clearly and not allow fear or anxiety to control their actions. Athletes can prepare mentally for competitions and training by using visualization and meditation techniques.

The Right Equipment

Parkour athletes need the right equipment. Parkour athletes need shoes that provide good support and grip for different surfaces. They also need clothing that allows them to move freely. To protect their wrists and hands during training, many athletes use gloves and wrist protectors.

Different types of parkour athletes

There are many types of parkour athletes. Each one has their own style and approach to the sport. These are some of the most popular types of parkour athletes:

The Traceur

The traceur is the oldest type of parkour athlete. They use the fastest possible movements to navigate obstacles and get to their destination as quickly as possible.

The Free Runner

The free runner parkour athlete is a style that emphasizes creativity and style over efficiency. They often incorporate flips and spins into their freestyle parkour routines.

The Stunt Performer

Parkour performers are parkour artists who perform stunts and action sequences on television and films.

Parkour Athletes Face Several Challenges

Parkour is a rewarding and thrilling sport, but it also has its challenges and risks. Parkour athletes have to deal with the following:


Parkour athletes are susceptible to a variety injuries, including cuts and bruises, broken bones, and concussions. Athletes must take safety precautions and train in a controlled environment to reduce the risk of injury.


Parkour can be a costly sport to pursue. Athletes often have to invest in equipment, gym memberships, training programs, and other expenses. For some, this can prove to be a barrier as they may not have the financial resources to pursue their passion.


Parkour is not always an easily accessible sport, especially for those who live in rural or suburban areas. Many athletes might have to travel far to find a gym or a community of athletes to train with.


Parkour athletes are a remarkable group of people who have dedicated their lives to learning the art of movement. Although they face many challenges and risks while pursuing their passion, they are able overcome them with the right mindset, training, equipment, and support. They have achieved great success. We encourage you to explore the amazing world of parkour if you are interested in being a parkour athlete.

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