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Motion Parkour: A Thrilling Art Form

Motion parkour has become a popular form of movement in recent years. Motion parkour is based on the French art “parcours” and involves jumping, diving, swinging and vaulting over physical obstacles. This art form is more than just an athletic feat. It’s a way of living that emphasizes creativity and self-improvement. This article will explore the fascinating world and techniques of motion parkour, as well as its benefits and challenges.

The Origins of Motion Parkour

Motion parkour’s roots are in France, where David Belle grew up. Belle was inspired to become a parkourer by his father who was a soldier and trained him in “parcours du Combattant” which involved navigating obstacle course. Belle combined his martial arts training with his love of gymnastics, dance, and gymnastics to create a brand new form in the late 1980s. He called it “parcours”, and later changed the name to “parkour,” meaning “the art of moving.” Belle and his friends – the Yamakasi – began practicing and performing parkour on the streets of Paris. They soon became an underground sensation.

The Techniques of Motion parkour

Motion parkour is a series movements designed to overcome obstacles. It requires a combination between strength, speed and agility. Motion parkour involves a variety of techniques, including jumping over obstacles, climbing up walls, running down stairs, swinging or balancing on rails and bars, and running up and back down stairs. Motion parkour’s “flow” is a key aspect. This means moving efficiently and smoothly through obstacles without losing any momentum.

Motion parkour practitioners must train their bodies to be flexible, strong, and resilient in order to perform these movements efficiently. They work on improving their core strength, balance, coordination, and perfecting the proper landing and rolling technique. They also practice visualizing, which is a way to mentally prepare for obstacles and plan their movements in advance.

Motion Parkour: Benefits and Uses

Motion parkour can be a fun and exciting activity, but it is also beneficial. It can improve physical and mental health. Motion parkour is a high intensity workout that includes running, jumping and climbing. It can also improve muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Motion parkour can also boost mental toughness, creativity and self-confidence. It requires practitioners to continually challenge themselves, overcome fears, and push beyond their limits. It fosters a community spirit and camaraderie as practitioners often perform and practice with others.

Motion Parkour: The Challenges

Motion parkour has many benefits but it is not without challenges. It is a physically challenging activity that requires training and preparation to avoid injury. Motion parkour can cause sprains and fractures as well as head injuries. It is important to warm up and stretch properly, wear protective gear and gradually increase the intensity.

Motion parkour also requires patience, discipline, and persistence. It can take months, or even years, to perfect some movements. Practitioners must be willing and able to dedicate the time necessary to achieve their goals. Motion parkour also requires a certain amount of adaptability and risk-taking. Practitioners need to be ready for unexpected obstacles, and be able improvise on the fly.


Motion parkour is an exciting and rewarding art form which has captured the hearts millions of people around the globe. It takes a combination athleticism and creativity to master it, but the rewards are worth the effort. Motion parkour improves an individual’s mental and physical health, fosters a sense community, and promotes self-confidence and mental toughness. Motion parkour is a unique art form that allows you to interact with the environment, overcome physical obstacles and have fun. If you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself or improve your fitness, give motion parkour a go. Who knows? Who knows?

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