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Kong Academy Parkour: Revolutionizing the World of Parkour


Kong Academy Parkour is a parkour training facility that offers a cutting edge community to people of all abilities and backgrounds. Kong Academy Parkour was founded in 2014 by parkour legend Tim “Livewire”. Shieff. It has quickly become a premier training center for parkour athletes all over the world.

The History of Kong Academy Parkour

Before we get into the specifics about Kong Academy Parkour let’s have a look at the history behind parkour.

In the late 1980s to early 1990s, France was the birthplace of parkour, or free running. The discipline requires practitioners move fluidly around obstacles such as walls, scaffolding, and railings using only their bodies.

Over the years, the popularity of parkour has grown around the globe. Many people now use it as an exercise, a way to express themselves, or even as a sport. Kong Academy Parkour remains at the forefront of this movement, pushing the limits of what’s possible and inspiring people to strive for excellence.

The Facility

The Kong Academy Parkour facility in Crawley is a modern training center. It is located in West Sussex, UK. The facility has a variety of obstacles and structure to challenge and inspire athletes at all levels.

The Kong Academy Parkour facility has many key features.

  • The gym is large and open, with plenty of room to move about and practice new skills.
  • Strength and conditioning equipment such as weights, resistance bands, and other equipment is available to help athletes develop strength and power.
  • A foam pit is a great way to safely practice high-flying tricks.
  • A high-quality sprung flooring to reduce impact on athletes’ bodies during training.
  • A parkour obstacle course that challenges every aspect of the athlete’s ability.

Kong Academy Parkour offers athletes the best facilities and coaching staff to help them take their skills to a new level.

The Community

But Kong Academy Parkour offers more than a training facility. It’s a vibrant community of parkour enthusiasts, athletes, trainers and coaches who are dedicated to pushing each other and themselves to their best.

Kong Academy Parkour is a community that welcomes and supports all levels of athletes, whether you are a beginner or an athlete who wants to improve their skills.

Kong Academy Parkour members come from all walks and places of life. Some are professional parkour athletes who compete in the highest levels, while others are casual parkour practitioners who use parkour as an exercise and form of self-expression.

No matter where you are from or what you want to achieve, you will find a place at Kong Academy Parkour to thrive and belong.

The Coaching Staff

The world-class coaching staff at Kong Academy Parkour is one of the main factors that sets it apart from other training facilities.

Each member of the Kong Academy Parkour coaching staff is a highly skilled and experienced parkour athlete who has a deep understanding and passion for sharing his knowledge with others.

The coaches at Kong Academy Parkour will provide you with expert guidance, support and encouragement, whether you are a beginner or an athlete who wants to improve their skills.

The coaches at Kong Academy Parkour help athletes achieve their goals by using a variety training methods and techniques.

The Programs

Kong Academy Parkour has a variety of programs and classes for athletes of all ages and backgrounds. Kong Academy Parkour has a program for everyone, whether you’re just starting out as an athlete or you’re an experienced athlete who wants to take your skills to a new level.

Kong Academy Parkour offers a variety of programs, including:

  • Beginner parkour courses provide a solid base in the basics of Parkour and can help new athletes start their journey.
  • Classes for intermediate and advanced athletes provide a more challenging and complex training that will push them to their limits.
  • Private coaching sessions provide athletes with one-on-one support and guidance to help them improve their skills.
  • Competitive training programs that provide specialized coaching for athletes who wish to compete at the highest level of parkour competitions.
  • Strength and conditioning classes help athletes build power, strength, and endurance in support of their parkour training.

Kong Academy Parkour offers a wide range of programs, as well as a coaching staff that is highly qualified. This allows athletes to achieve success, whether they are just starting out in the sport or already competing at high levels.

The Future of Parkour

Kong Academy Parkour is already making a big impact in the world of parkour. It inspires athletes of all levels and helps to establish this discipline as a sport and a form of self expression.

The future of parkour is brighter than ever, with new athletes and coaches emerging every day, as well as exciting new developments that push the limits of what’s possible.

We are excited at Kong Academy Parkour to be a part this growing movement, and to be on the cutting edge of the discipline. We invite everyone, whether you are a seasoned athlete or a curious newbie, to join us at Kong Academy Parkour to be a part this exciting movement.

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