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Parkour Training: A Complete Guide to Mastering the Ultimate Urban Sport

Parkour training is a great way to fulfill your childhood dream of climbing walls, jumping over roofs, and vaulting over obstacles. Parkour, also known by freerunning, is a combination speed, agility, balance, and grace that allows practitioners to move efficiently through a cityscape with remarkable grace. This complete guide to Parkour will help you get started. It will include the key benefits of Parkour, the basics you’ll learn and expert tips to improve your technique.

Parkour Training: The Benefits

Parkour training has a number of primary benefits. It is a full-body workout that promotes strength and flexibility. Complex movements require practitioners to use all of their muscles, which helps tone and build cardiovascular fitness. Parkour training can also increase agility and balance, as participants learn how to navigate difficult environments safely. Parkour training can increase creativity and collaboration, which can help practitioners feel a deep sense accomplishment and connection with others.

Basic Parkour Moves

Before you dive headfirst into Parkour training it is important to master the fundamental moves that make up the foundation of the discipline. These are some of the most popular moves:

  1. Quadrupedal crawl: This is a move that requires you to crawl on all fours and mimic the movements of a jungle cat. It is great for building strength, agility, and coordination.
  2. The Precision Jump: This is one of the most important moves in Parkour. It involves jumping from one point or another with pinpoint accuracy. To avoid injury, practitioners must be able to accurately measure their distances and control their landing.
  3. The Wall Climb: This is another important skill in Parkour training. You must be able to climb vertically up walls. This move requires a combination grip strength, leg power, quick reflexes, and grip strength.
  4. The Cat Leap: This is a horizontal movement that allows you to cross a gap between two objects. Practitioners must use their arms, legs, and feet to swing across the gap without losing momentum.
  5. The Vault: Finally, this move is called the vault. It involves leaping over an obstacle while maintaining speed and momentum. There are many types of vaults available, each offering its own benefits and challenges.

Expert Tips for Parkour Training

There are some key tips that will help you get the most from your Parkour training, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert. These are some tips from the experts to help you improve your Parkour practice.

  1. Start slow: It is important to start slowly with the basics and then gradually move up to more complicated moves. Doing too much at once can cause injury and slow down your progress.
  2. Parkour training is best when you practice regularly. For maximum benefits, practice Parkour at least twice to three times per week.
  3. Focus on Technique: Instead of trying to be faster or harder, work on your technique with every move. This will help you to build a solid foundation that you can use as you move forward.
  4. Train with a Partner. Practicing with a partner will help you stay motivated, and can provide valuable feedback about your technique. Training with a partner can be great fun!
  5. Parkour training is safe. Before each session, make sure you are wearing the right gear and warm up properly. If you are unsure about a move, don’t attempt it without proper guidance.


Parkour training can be a fun and challenging way to get fit, gain strength, agility, and see your city in a new way. These expert tips and the basics of Parkour can help you make a successful and rewarding journey. What are you waiting for?! Start training now!

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