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Discover the Thrilling World of Scottsdale Gymnastics Parkour

Are you ready to discover the thrill of parkour? Scottsdale Gymnastics Parkour is the ideal place to learn and master this exciting discipline. Our facility is equipped with the latest equipment, has experienced coaches and a welcoming environment that caters to all levels.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is an non-competitive activity that involves using the body to overcome obstacles. Parkour requires agility, balance and strength.

Why Choose Scottsdale Gymnastics Parkour for Your Parkour Training?

We are proud to be Scottsdale Gymnastics Parkour because we provide top-quality training, and build a community with like-minded people who share a love for parkour. Our coaches are committed to helping you reach your full potential whether you’re an experienced athlete or just getting started.

The Importance Of Proper Training

Parkour is an intense sport that requires a lot of physical effort. To prevent injury and improve performance, it’s important to have the right training and technique. Our coaches are experienced and certified, and they place a high emphasis on safety and proper form. Our classes are open to all ages and levels of skill, so we have something for everyone.

Parkour has many benefits

Parkour’s benefits go beyond physical performance. Parkour can promote a healthy life-style, build confidence, and improve problem-solving abilities. It’s an exciting and challenging way to keep active. You will feel a sense of accomplishment once you have mastered a new skill.

Our Facilities

Our state-of the-art facility provides a perfect environment for learning parkour and practicing it. Our gym is equipped with specialized equipment for parkour training such as foam pits and parkour boxes. Our coaches are available to help you utilize and explore our facility to the fullest.

Our Classes

We offer a wide range of classes for every interest and skill level. Our classes include introductory courses for beginners, advanced courses for experienced athletes, and specialty lessons such as freestyle parksour and tricking. We also offer private sessions for those who want a more customized approach to their training.

Introductory classes

Our introductory courses are designed for individuals who have no prior experience with parkour. These classes will cover the fundamental movements and techniques necessary to safely and efficiently navigate obstacles. Our coaches will provide guidance on the proper warm-up techniques and stretching to prevent injury.

Advanced Classes

Our advanced classes are for experienced parkour athletes who want to take their skills to a new level. These classes are geared towards advanced techniques, challenging obstacle sets, and specialized methods of training to help you reach your goals.

Specialty Classes

We also offer speciality classes, such as freestyle and tricking. These classes allow athletes to explore creative aspects of parkour while developing their own unique style. These classes are ideal for those who want to push the limits of traditional parkour and incorporate acrobatic moves into their routines.

Join Our Community

We are proud to have built a community of athletes at Scottsdale Gymnastics Parkour that is welcoming and supportive. Our community offers a supportive atmosphere for learning, sharing and exploring the exciting parkour world. We encourage athletes to exchange their knowledge and experience to help each achieve their goals.

Our Team

Our coaches and staff are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential and are passionate about parkour. Our team is highly experienced in parkour, gymnastics and other sports related to the sport. We are committed to providing you with top-quality support and training throughout your journey.


Scottsdale Gymnastics Parkour offers the best place to begin your journey into the exciting world parkour. Our commitment to safety and our experienced coaches and state-of the-art facilities create an ideal environment for athletes to achieve their goals. Join our community and experience the thrill of parkour yourself!

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