rocket league parkour map codes

Rocket League Parkour Map Codes

If you love parkour and are a Rocket League fan, you’re in for a treat. There are a variety of parkour maps that will test both your aerial skills and your reflexes. These maps were created by the community and can be accessed in the game by entering specific codes. This article will dive into Rocket League’s parkour map codes. It will explain what they are, show you how to use them and give you some of the best maps.

What are the parkour maps in Rocket League?

Parkour maps are custom-made maps that are meant to improve your aerial skills. These maps were created by members of Rocket League’s community and are accessible by entering their unique codes into the game. These maps are not only challenging but also fun. They can help you improve your gameplay.

What are the parkour map codes in Rocket League?

Parkour map codes allow players to access custom Rocket League maps. These codes are provided to players by the map creators and can be used in the game. These codes are typically composed of alphanumeric letters and are between 10 to 15 characters long.

How to use parkour map codes in Rocket League

It’s easy to use parkour map codes with Rocket League. Follow these steps to use a code:

  1. Open the Rocket League on your preferred platform (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch).
  2. Select “Extras”, from the main menu.
  3. Choose “Redeem Code”.
  4. Enter the parkour code of the map you want to play.
  5. Click “Redeem”.
  6. You can now play the parkour map by selecting “Play” in the main menu, and then selecting “Custom Matches”.

After you’ve completed the above steps, the parkour map will be available for you to play. You can then challenge your friends and try to beat your score.

Best Rocket League Parkour map codes

Let’s look at some of Rocket League’s best maps now that you know what parkour codes and maps are.

1. Dribble Challenge 2 by Yukeo

Yukeo, a professional player, has created Dribble Challenge 2, one of the most popular Rocket League parkour maps. This map is a second version of the Dribble Challenge original map. It contains various challenges that will test your ball control skills and aerial skills. This map is fun and can improve your gameplay.

2. Speed Jump: Boost by dmc

Speed Jump: Boost, a challenging map of parkour that emphasizes speed and accuracy, is a challenging map. This map, created by dmc requires players to navigate around obstacles and reach their finish line as quickly as possible. This map is ideal for those who wish to improve their aerial control, and reaction times.

3. Ultimate Warm-Up – By French Fries

Ultimate Warm-Up can be used as a warm up map before a match. The map was created by French Fries and contains different obstacles and challenges to help you prepare for a match. It’s a lot of play and you may spend hours trying to beat yourself.

How Parkour Maps can improve your Rocket League gameplay

Parkour maps can be a great way to enhance your Rocket League gameplay. Here’s how:

1. Improve Your Aerial Skills

Parkour maps will test and improve your Rocket League aerial control. You’ll improve your aerial control and precision by playing these maps.

2. Enhancing Reaction Times

Parkour maps demand quick reflexes. You can improve your reaction time by playing these maps. This will help you make better decisions in matches.

3. Ball Control: Developing it

Parkour maps can also improve your ball control. You’ll improve your ball control by navigating through obstacles.

4. Providing a Fun way to Practice

These maps are great for practicing your skills, without feeling like a drill. You’ll have a blast playing these maps, and you won’t realize how much your skills are improving.


Parkour map codes allow players to create custom maps for Rocket League. These maps are great fun to play, and they can help you improve your gameplay. These maps are great for improving your aerial skills. After all, practice makes perfect!

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