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AC Unity Parkour Guide: Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Movement System

If you’re a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed games, you’re probably familiar with the parkour navigation system that allows you to navigate through the different cities and landscapes in the game world. The parkour mechanics in each title have improved and evolved, giving players a more fluid and immersive experience. Assassin’s Creed Unity is one of the best examples, as it introduced a variety of new moves and expanded parkour’s functionality. This guide will take a closer look at the AC Unity’s parkour and offer some tips and tricks to master the movement system.

What is AC Unity Parkour?

AC Unity Parkour is a movement system that was used in the 2014 Ubisoft title, Assassin’s Creed Unity. It allows players navigate the game world through running, jumping and sliding in the city of Paris at the time of the French Revolution. The parkour system has been designed to be fluid, allowing players the ability to make quick decisions. The AC Unity parkour system includes a variety of new features and moves, making it the most immersive and versatile parkour mechanics of any Assassin’s creed game.

Basic Techniques of AC Unity Parkour

It’s important that you master the basic techniques of the AC Unity Parkour system before moving on to the more advanced techniques. Here are some basic techniques that you should know.

Running and Sprinting

Press the Left Stick at first to move your character. You’ll run at a moderate speed when running normally. However, you can accelerate by pressing and retaining the right trigger. This will make your character sprint. Sprinting is essential in AC Unity, as it allows you to escape danger and outrun enemies. Be aware that sprinting too much can cause your character’s speed to slow down.


Press the “A” or “X” buttons on Xbox to jump. This will cause you character to jump forward. You can then clear small gaps and obstacles. You can also jump up to grab ledges and climb higher ground.


Holding the Right Trigger will cause your character to automatically climb a climbable surface such as a wall, building or tree. You can use the Left Stick while climbing to move your character upwards or downwards. You can also hold the “A”, “X”, or “X” buttons (PlayStation), to jump or rappel down.


To slide, press the “B” or “Circle ” buttons on PlayStation or Xbox while holding the Right Trigger. Your character will automatically slide down the slope or under the object.

Mastering Advanced Techniques

Once you have the basic moves down pat, it’s now time to experiment with the advanced techniques which make the AC Unity system so versatile. Here are some advanced parkour techniques you can use to elevate your skills.

Wall Running

The AC Unity parkour system now includes Wall Running, which allows you to run along a wall for a short time. To perform a Wall Run you must approach a wall, press the “A button” (Xbox) (or “X button” (PlayStation), and jump towards it. Press the “A” (Xbox) button or “X” (PlayStation), again, when you are in contact with the wall to start the Wall Run. You can use the Left Stick to steer your character right and left while running on the wall.

Controlled Descent

You may need to descend from a rooftop or ledge without damaging yourself. You can do this using the Controlled Descent technique. Hold the Right Trigger, then press and hold “B” (Xbox) (or “Circle”, PlayStation) to perform a Controlled Descent. Your character will hang off the edge, and then slowly drop to the ground.

Ledge Ejection

Ledge Ejection allows you to quickly move from a wall or ledge. To perform a Ledge Ejection press the “A button” (Xbox) (or “X button” (PlayStation) as you approach the edge of the ledge or side of the wall. Your character will leap away from the wall or ledge, allowing for fluid and quick movement.


Vaulting allows you to jump over or slide under large obstacles. To perform a Vault you run towards the obstacle (such as a cart or table) and press “B” (Xbox).

Tips for Mastering AC Unity Parkour

Here are some tips for mastering the AC Unity parkour system now that you have mastered some of the basic and more advanced parkour techniques:

Practice, Practice and Practice

Parkour is a great example of how practice makes perfect. Practice the different parkour techniques and moves so you know how to use them.

Keep your eyes open

It’s easy for you to get caught up with the parkour system, and forget your surroundings. Keep your eyes and ears open to your surroundings so that you can react and see what’s coming up.

Use Your Environment

Use the environment to your advantage. The parkour system of AC Unity was designed to take advantage of it. Look for ledges and poles as well as walls, walls, and other objects you can use to vault, slide, or climb.

Fast Travel

AC Unity is known for its parkour, but sometimes it’s quicker to use fast travel in order to get around the city. Use the fast travel points to quickly travel between different locations.

Use Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision is a powerful tool in Assassin’s Creed. It can be used to highlight useful objects in your surroundings for parkour. Use Eagle Vision to identify the best routes and movements.

Go for the Sync Points

Sync Points, which are high points in the city, allow you to synchronize your Animus with the map and unlock new areas. You’ll need your parkour skills in order to navigate the city to find the best routes to reach the Sync points.


The AC Unity parkour is one of the most versatile and advanced parkour systems in any Assassin’s creed game. To master the AC Unity parkour system, you will need to practice basic moves and techniques. You can also experiment with advanced moves and use your environment to your advantage. These tips and tricks will help you navigate Paris like an assassin. You’ll be able jump and slide your way to victory.

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