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7 Insane France Parkour Spots You Must Visit for the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

France Parkour: The Ultimate Guide for the Art of Movement

Are you looking for an exciting and exciting way to stay in shape while enjoying the beautiful French landscapes? France Parkour may be the right choice for you!

Parkour, also known by the name free-running, involves moving in urban environments using a combination running, jumping, crawling and other acrobatic movements. Parkour was first developed in France in 1990 and has since been embraced by thousands of people all over the globe.

This article will cover everything you need to know regarding France Parkour. From its history and philosophy, to the best spots, and training methods. Get your running shoes on and be ready to explore the art of movement.

Parkour in France: History

Parkour was created in the Paris suburbs by a group led by David Belle in early 1990s. Belle was inspired by his father’s military training and his own experiences growing-up in a rough neighborhood. He developed parkour to help him navigate through danger zones and obstacles.

Parkour was initially a small subculture. However, it gained greater recognition thanks to viral videos and Hollywood movies that highlighted its impressive feats. Parkour is now a recognized sport and is practiced worldwide by all ages and genders.

Philosophy of France Parkour

Parkour is about moving through physical and mental obstacles in an efficient and fluid way. It requires strength, agility, coordination, focus, and discipline.

Many parkour practitioners view it as a way to live, a philosophy or mindset that goes beyond physical training. Parkour practitioners believe it can help them build resilience, creativity, and confidence. It can also teach them valuable life lessons like perseverance, adaptation and mindfulness.

France Parkour: The Best Spots

France is home of some of the most beautiful and iconic landscapes in the world. Many of these are ideal for parkour training or exploration.

Paris is the epicenter of parkour, thanks to its dense urban environment and iconic landmarks as well as vibrant street culture. The Trocadero gardens, Bercy skatepark, Montmartre, and other spots are some of the best places in Paris for parkour.

There are many other cities and regions that offer great opportunities for parkour, including Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and the French Riviera. Outdoor enthusiasts will also love the many natural parks and forests such as the Vanoise National Park and Calanques National Park and the Pyrenees Mountain.

Methods of Training for France Parkour

You must follow a strict and progressive training program that focuses on strength, agility, coordination, and coordination to become a skilled practitioner of parkour. Here are some key training methods that French parkour athletes use:

  1. Strength training: Parkour requires a lot of upper and core strength. This can be achieved through push-ups and pull-ups as well as planks and other bodyweight exercises.
  2. Plyometrics: These explosive movements help to train your explosiveness which is crucial for safely jumping and landing.
  3. Agility drills: Agility drills like box jumps, cone drills and ladder drills can improve coordination and footwork.
  4. Freerunning: This creative form of parkour involves running, jumping and acrobatics.
  5. Personal challenges: Parkour practitioners often take on personal challenges like jumping over a certain height or climbing a particular structure, or running a specific distance without stopping.


France Parkour is an exciting and thrilling activity that combines athleticism with creativity and mental focus. Parkour is a world where there are many things to learn, no matter how experienced or novice you are.

You can improve your parkour skills by following these tips and strategies. You can experience the joy and freedom that parkour can offer. What are you waiting for?! Get out there and explore the beautiful landscapes of France with the eyes of a parkour runner!

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