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Powerful Parkour Summer Camp #1: Conquer New Heights

What is Parkour Summer Camp?

Parkour summer camp offers a unique opportunity to learn the sport and train with experienced instructors. Parkour is a physical discipline that focuses on the acceleration or modification of movements to overcome increasingly difficult obstacles. Parkour involves running, jumping, and climbing in an environment that allows you to move efficiently and freely. Parkour is a fun and challenging way to increase your physical understanding and explore the world.

Parkour Summer Camp offers a unique opportunity to experience the freedom and movement of Parkour. Campers will learn how organize and master their movements through highly creative and dynamic training. This will help them better understand the physical environment. Parkour Summer Camp will teach campers how to organize and master their movements to better understand the physical environment.

Who can participate?

Parkour Summer Camp is for both beginners and experts. All levels of experience are welcome, as our experienced coaches are always available for assistance to ensure safety. Our campers should be at least basicly fit, but our coaches can help you keep up with the activities.

What is taught at Parkour Camp?

Parkour Summer Camp’s experienced and knowledgeable coaches will teach you a variety of techniques that will help you master Parkour. We will work on improving physical strength, mobility, refining Parkour skills, safety techniques, and confidence. We cover a wide variety of topics, including proper warm-up/cool down, jumping and landing techniques as well as vaults (i.e. Rolls, balance-based drills, and many more. Optional tangential classes will be offered in topics like nutrition, yoga, and calisthenics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Parkour Summer Camp in your area?

Parkour Summer Camp is located at Boca Raton in FL and is managed by Parkour professionals.

2. What type of camp apparatus do you use?

We have many sturdy, safe devices such as man-made walls and ramps, rails, and other structures. For safety and comfort, we also have a foam-pit that has been professionally constructed.

3. Is there a specific age range for campers

Parkour Summer Camp is open to all ages, but campers must be between 10-18 years old.

4. Is my child supervised at camp?

Yes, our knowledgeable and experienced staff will be present at all times to ensure that our campers are safe and well-being. If necessary, we have full-time medical staff.

5. What type of clothing should my child wear to camp?

Campers should wear loose, comfortable clothing. Parkour is best done in athletic shorts and a tee shirt. Campers should also bring indoor shoes that are suitable for the obstacles they will be facing. We recommend that campers bring closed-toed shoes like skate shoes or basketball shoes. However, we do not recommend heavy shoes with excessive tread.

6. Is it necessary for my child to bring parkour equipment?

No, all parkour equipment is provided by us. If your child would like to bring their own protective gear (ropes or pads, etc.), they can. They are welcome to bring their own protective gear.

7. How can I make sure my child has the best possible experience?

It is important to be realistic with your expectations. Parkour is a journey and not a destination. Parkour can be a slow process that takes months or even years to master. Parkour summer camp is a great way to learn. We recommend that you keep your mind open and allow yourself to be patient. Parkour practitioners must be enthusiastic and encourage others. Happy campers will make the experience even better.

8. What happens after the camp’s week-long end?

To help campers continue their development, we offer a variety of post-camp services. We are happy to arrange lessons for campers in small groups and private sessions to help them improve their technique and continue their learning. For those who make remarkable progress, there are opportunities to be promoted and graduated to higher levels of camp. Campers are encouraged to join our campers only Facebook group to stay connected and share their successes.

9. Is there any guarantee that I will see results from your camp?

Parkour Summer Camp is not a guarantee of specific results. Everybody has different levels of strength and endurance, as well as learning speeds. Our coaches are experienced and knowledgeable, and will help each camper reach their goals and improve their skills. To ensure that every camper has the best experience, we always make sure to create a safe and supportive environment.

10. Are meals provided at the camp

Yes, we provide meals to our campers for the duration of their stay. Our chefs are proud to offer a variety delicious and nutritious meal options to keep you energized and satisfied.

11. Is there a minimum age for participation?

Yes, campers must be between 10-18 years old to participate.

12. Are there scholarships for campers?

Yes, we offer scholarships to campers who are in need of financial assistance. For more information, please contact us.

13. Is Parkour safe?

Parkour is a safe and enjoyable activity. We strive to provide a safe environment with knowledgeable instructors and staff. We also reinforce safety protocols. Parkour is about taking your time and respecting the process. This is key to your success. Our coaches are there to make sure everyone has a great time and is safe.

14. What should I do if I have difficulty with a particular move?

Our coaches will be there to assist you every step of the journey. If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask them and offer assistance if needed. We will make sure you do not move on until you master the technique so you can maximize your potential.

15. How can I get the most from my time at camp?

We recommend that you come to camp with an open heart and a positive outlook. Parkour is a journey, not a destination. You will reach your goals at a different pace for everyone. It may take you weeks, months, or even a lifetime to achieve them. For proper rest, hydration and nourishment, we recommend that campers take breaks. You will also be able to stay focused at camp and reach your goals.

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