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Parkour Locations: Where to Challenge Yourself

Parkour is an exciting and dynamic physical activity which involves moving through obstacles and environments with grace and agility. Finding the right parkour location can make a huge difference to your training and development. Explore these parkour-friendly locations to improve your skills and reach new heights, whether you’re an experienced pro or just starting out.

Urban Environments

Parkour’s emphasis on adapting and moving through urban environments is one of its hallmark features. There are many urban settings where you can practice parkour, from city streets to abandoned building. Check out these top locations:

  • Parkour parks: Although they may not be found in every city, these parks are designed to provide a challenging and safe environment for parkour training. These parks usually feature a variety obstacles, including rails, walls and platforms that allow you to practice in a controlled environment.
  • Urban plazas, public spaces and large spaces: Many cities have large public spaces or plazas that offer a variety of obstacles and structures for practice. These can include benches, steps, statues, or even fountains.
  • Parking lots and garages are great places to practice jumping, vaulting and other skills that require precision.
  • Abandoned construction sites and abandoned buildings: These locations can be dangerous and risky, but they can also offer a unique environment and challenge for more advanced practitioners. Be sure to ask permission and take safety measures before you attempt any moves at these locations.

Nature and Outdoors

Parkour is not only associated with urban environments. It’s possible to train and practice in more natural settings. Here are some options for you to explore if you’re looking to change things up or want to challenge yourself.

  • Playgrounds and parks can provide a wide variety of obstacles, including slides and swings as well as natural and manmade obstacles.
  • Beaches and waterfronts – Sand, rocks, or other natural features can be used to create unique challenges and help parkour practitioners build strength and endurance.
  • Forests and hiking paths: If you are up for a challenge and enjoy exploring new landscapes, you can test your agility, stamina, and balance in exciting and new ways.

Indoor Settings

There are many indoor locations where parkour can be practiced. These places provide a controlled and safe environment for training. Consider these top options:

  • Gyms and fitness centres: Many gyms offer parkour classes and open gym times where you can practice your skills using obstacle courses and equipment specifically designed for parkour training.
  • Trampoline and bounce houses are great indoor activities that can help you improve your balance, coordination, and strength.
  • Ninja warrior style gyms: If parkour is your thing, then ninja-style gyms are the perfect place to get a challenging and immersive experience.

Travel and Exploration

One of the most exciting aspects to parkour is that you can practice and explore different locations around the globe. Here are some great parkour-friendly locations to consider, whether you’re on holiday or just looking for a change in scenery.

  • Historic sites and landmarks. Many historic sites and monuments offer an opportunity to practice parkour within a richly cultural and visually stunning environment. Respect the rules and regulations at these locations and don’t damage any artifacts or structures.
  • City parks and plazas are great places to practice parkour. Avoid areas that may be crowded or dangerous.
  • Nature reserves and wildlife areas are great places to test your parkour abilities in a natural environment.


There are many parkour-friendly environments and spots to explore, whether you want to improve your skills, test yourself in new ways or simply explore a new location. The possibilities are endless. From urban landscapes to nature settings, indoor gymnasiums to outdoor parks, the options are endless. Finding the right parkour locations to suit your interests and abilities will allow you to unlock your full potential and push yourself to new heights.

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