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Parkour in Chinese: An Ultimate Guide to Practicing Parkour in China

Parkour is an urban sport that involves moving between points by overcoming obstacles. Parkour’s roots can be traced to France, where the discipline was developed as a military training method. In recent years the sport has become popular all over the globe, including China. This guide will give you comprehensive information on parkour in Chinese. It includes its history, basic technique, equipment and safety tips.

The History of Parkour In China

The sport of parkour is relatively new in China, and has only gained popularity in the past decade. David Belle, founder of parkour and a frequent visitor to China in the mid 2000s, introduced the sport to China. Belle’s visit to China sparked an interest in parkour, and the sport quickly gained a following. There are many parkour enthusiasts in China who regularly participate in parkour competitions and events.

Basic Techniques of Parkour

It is important to understand the basics of parkour before you begin. These techniques include:

Running and Jumping

Running and jumping are two of the most fundamental parkour techniques. Running helps you build momentum while jumping helps you clear obstacles from your path. You should practice running and jumping until they become second nature to you.


Vaulting is a technique that involves using your hands or foots to clear obstacles too high to jump. There are several types of vaults including the step vault, speed and Kong vault. To overcome different obstacles, you must practice and learn the different vaults.


Climbing is a fundamental technique for parkour enthusiasts. Climbing involves scaling walls or other vertical obstructions. To climb efficiently, you must develop upper body strength and grip.

Parkour Equipment Required

Parkour training does not require specialized equipment. However, some basic items will make your training more comfortable and safer. These include:

Comfortable Athletic Wear

Your clothing should be comfortable and allow for freedom of movement. Clothing should fit comfortably and not restrict your range. You can wear sweatshirts, jogging pants and running shoes.


Gloves protect your hands while you practice parkour. Choose gloves that are comfortable and have a good grip.

Helmets and pads

Consider using helmets and pads as a beginner to avoid injuries. Knee and elbow padding can protect your joints against impact, while helmets can prevent head injuries.

Safety Tips for Parkour Practitioners

Parkour can be a dangerous sport. Follow these safety tips to stay safe when practicing parkour:

Practice in Safe Places

Avoid practicing in areas with sharp edges, electrical wires or other dangerous obstacles. Avoid practicing near sharp edges, wires or other hazards.

Warm up before practicing

Warm up your body before you begin practicing. Warm-up exercises can help to prevent muscle strains.

Take Breaks

Take frequent breaks throughout your training session. This can help to prevent fatigue and overuse injury.

Practice with a Partner

It is safer to practice parkour together with a partner. A partner can be of assistance in an emergency and can give feedback on your technique.

Listen to your body

Be aware of how you feel while doing parkour. Stop immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort and seek medical help if needed.

Parkour Competitions in China

China hosts a variety of parkour competitions all year round, attracting participants around the world. The most popular parkour contests in China are:

The China Open Parkour Championship

This annual championship in Beijing attracts the best parkour athletes in the world.

The Shanghai Parkour Championship

This championship is held every year in Shanghai, and includes intense competitions for various categories including speed, style, freestyle, and more.

The Guangdong Parkour Cup

The Guangdong Parkour Cup, a regional competition in Guangdong Province, is held every year. The competition attracts a number of up-and coming parkour athletes across China and around the world.


In recent years, Parkour has become a popular trend in China. The sport originated in France and has evolved to its unique form in China. Parkour is a great way to improve your strength, agility, and balance while having fun. It is important to practice parkour safely and follow safety guidelines and proper techniques. This guide should have provided you with useful information about parkour. We wish you the best of luck as you begin your parkour journey.

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