founder of parkour

Founder of Parkour

Parkour has been gaining popularity in recent years. Parkour is about moving quickly and efficiently from one place to another. It involves running, jumping and crawling as well as scaling obstacles using your body’s natural abilities.

David Belle, the father of modern parkour as well as the founder of parkour, is the man who founded it. Belle was born in Fecamp, France, on April 29, 1973. Belle was raised in a family that valued strength, agility and bravery.

Early Life

Raymond Belle, Belle’s father was a former military man and fireman who taught him the importance and discipline of physical fitness. His son and his fellow firefighters were trained in rescue techniques and physical training to save lives.

Belle’s life was not easy. When he was young, his parents divorced. He and his siblings moved to Lisses to live with their mother. Belle wasn’t interested in school and struggled with his classmates to keep up, but he discovered a passion for running and became a skilled gymnast.

The Birth of Parkour

Belle, then a teenager, began to practice a form of urban gymnastics in Paris’ suburbs with his friends. The discipline was called “Parkour,” which literally means “the way to the park”. Parkour is a discipline that encourages Parkour practitioners to move in any environment with grace and ease.

Parkour quickly gained a following and Belle became a prominent member of the community. He began to teach Parkour to others, emphasizing safety, discipline, respect for others, and respect for himself.

The Spread of Parkour

Parkour gained international recognition in the 1990s thanks to social media and the internet. Online videos of Parkour practitioners performing jaw-dropping maneuvers and stunts inspired a new generation.

Belle and his friends travelled the globe teaching Parkour to others. In Congolese, they were called the Yamakasi. This means “strong spirit, strong physique” The group’s philosophy stressed physical and mental strength, respect for others, and appreciation of the environment.

Belle’s Legacy

Belle’s legacy is one that embodies courage, discipline, creativity, and hard work. He not only invented a new sport, but also taught others how to embrace their bodies as well as the world around them.

Belle has been working on Parkour-related films and other projects in recent years. Belle also founded the ADD Academy which offers training in Parkour as well as related disciplines.

Parkour’s success can be seen in the new generation of artists and athletes that Belle has inspired. His legacy will continue to be an influence on Parkour and other disciplines for many years.


Parkour’s founder, David Belle has made a lasting impression on the world of fitness and sports. His creativity and discipline have inspired many athletes and artists all over the world. Belle’s legacy of strength, discipline and respect is a legacy that continues to influence Parkour practitioners today.

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