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Parkour Fort Collins: The Ultimate Guide to this Thrilling Sport


If you want to challenge yourself and stay fit, parkour is the way to go. Fort Collins is a great place for parkour enthusiasts.

What is Parkour?

It is a physical discipline which involves moving through obstacle course in a creative and efficient way. It began in France at the beginning of the 20th century, under the name “parcours de combattant,” or “obstacles course of the fighter.” The sport has evolved over the years and has spread around the world. It now has a huge following of all ages.

Parkour has many benefits

Parkour’s impressive physical benefits are one of its biggest draws. It is a great way to improve your fitness and stay in shape. Parkour is also a great way to boost your confidence as it forces you to overcome physical challenges that may seem impossible at first.

Parkour Fort Collins Facilities

Ninja Nation Fort Collins

Ninja Nation is Fort Collins’ most popular parkour facility. It has a wide range of obstacles and circuits, from beginner-friendly courses to extremely challenging circuits for experienced practitioners. The facility also has a team of knowledgeable trainers that can help you improve your technique and form.

Inner Athlete

Inner Athlete, another great parkour facility located in Fort Collins. Its main focus is to help beginners learn parkour in a supportive, safe environment. The facility offers a variety obstacles and courses designed to help beginners improve fundamental skills such as balance and coordination. Inner Athlete offers private training sessions to those who prefer a more personalized approach.

The Fort Collins Spine Center

Fort Collins Spine Center, a parkour facility that is entirely outdoors, is unique. This parkour course, located in Rolland Moore Park is designed to mimic obstacles such as rocks, trees and streams. This is a great place to try parkour in the natural environment and to challenge yourself.

Parkour Fort Collins Groups and Organizations

Fort Collins Parkour

Fort Collins Parkour, a local organization dedicated to promoting the sport of parkour in Fort Collins, is a non-profit organization. The group hosts regular meetups, training sessions, and jam sessions for parkour lovers of all levels.

CSU Parkour Club

You might be interested in joining the CSU Parkour Club if you are a student at Colorado State University. This organization offers regular social events and training sessions for parkour enthusiasts in the university. This is a great opportunity to meet people who are also passionate about parkour.

Parkour Equipment

Parkour Shoes

A good pair of parkour sneakers is essential for any parkour enthusiast. These shoes are designed for maximum grip and traction, which is essential for performing parkour moves safely. Feiyue Merrell and Vibram are some of the most popular brands for parkour shoes.

Parkour Backpacks and Bags

If you plan to carry your parkour gear around the city, or to a training session you will need a good backpack or parkour bag. These bags are durable and practical with many compartments to store shoes, water bottles and other essentials. Evolv, Black Diamond and other popular brands of parkour bags are available.

Parkour Training Tips

Focus on Form and Technique

Maintaining good form and technique is one of the most important aspects of parkour. This means paying attention to your body alignment and ensuring you are executing each movement in the most efficient, safe way possible. Consider taking lessons from an experienced coach or trainer to improve your form.

Build a Solid Foundation

A key part of parkour training involves building a solid base of strength, flexibility and coordination. This includes working on fundamental skills such as balance, jumping and landing as well as building body strength. Squats and lunges are good exercises to improve your parkour foundation.

Keep up your training

As with any sport or physical activity that requires practice, parkour is no exception. It is important to dedicate time to parkour training each week and to follow a routine. This will help you gain momentum and progress at an even pace.


Parkour is a great sport for anyone who wants to stay fit and challenge themselves. It has a supportive community and diverse facilities. Fort Collins offers plenty of opportunities to explore and grow as a parkour practitioner, whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a beginner.

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