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The Ultimate Guide to Parkour Course: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to take up parkour, but aren’t sure where to start? Parkour courses are a great place to start. This comprehensive guide will walk you through all you need to know about parkour.

What is a Parkour Course?

Parkour courses are specially designed facilities that allow parkour practitioners to train in controlled environments. The course often includes obstacles such as rails, walls, and bars that can be used for vaulting and jumping.

Parkour Courses: The Benefits

Parkour in a course offers many benefits over doing it outdoors. Some of these benefits include:


Parkour is safer when practiced on a course that has obstacles that are designed with safety and security in mind.

Structured Training

Parkour courses offer a structured training environment that challenges you and helps you improve your skills.


A parkour course offers the opportunity to train alongside other parkour enthusiasts, helping you to build a community.


Parkour training allows you to train in all weather conditions unlike outdoor training, which can be affected if it rains, snows, or is extremely hot.

What to Expect on a Parkour Course

Although parkour courses can vary in design and layouts, most follow the same principles. Here are some typical features of a parkour course.

The Warm-up Zone:

Parkour courses usually have a warm-up area that you can use to stretch and prepare for the workout ahead. To avoid injury, make sure you spend enough time in the warm-up area.


Parkour courses will feature a variety obstacles placed in different areas. These obstacles can include bars, rails, bars and other structures that can be used to practice parkour movements.


Many courses offer coaches who can help you improve your technique and give advice. These coaches can help you get the most from your training.

Timed Runs

Parkour courses may have timed runs that you can use to challenge yourself to complete the course the fastest.

What to wear to a Parkour Course

It is essential to dress appropriately when training on a parkour course. This will ensure your safety as well as your comfort. Here are some suggestions for what to wear to a course in parkour:

Comfortable clothing:

Wear clothing that allows for movement, such as shorts, sweatpants, and athletic wear. Avoid baggy clothes that can catch on obstacles.

Proper Footwear:

To grip the obstacles, wear athletic shoes that have a good grip. Avoid shoes with heavy soles as they can make it difficult for you to grip.

Protective gear

You might consider protective gear such as elbow and knee pads if you are training for more advanced skills.

Parkour Courses: What Are They?

There are many types of parkour courses that you can choose from depending on your level of experience and skill. These are the most popular types:

Starter Courses

Parkour beginners courses are for people who are new to the sport. They have fewer obstacles and will help you understand the basics.

Intermediate Courses

Intermediate courses are more difficult than beginner courses because they have more complex obstacles and movements.

Courses in Competition:

Competition courses are for competition-level training. They feature obstacles that mimic competition-level challenges.

Outdoor Courses:

Outdoor courses are similar in nature to indoor courses, but they are usually located outdoors, such as in a park or cityscape.

How to prepare for a parkour course

There are several things you can do before you start your parkour course experience to make sure you get the most from it.

Get fit:

Parkour requires strength, agility and flexibility. To prepare your body, incorporate strength and conditioning training into you routine.

Practice Basics

It is important to be familiar with basic parkour movements such as jumping, vaulting, rolling, and rolling before you take a course in parkour. To build your confidence, you can practice these movements in a safe setting.

You can watch tutorial videos:

Many tutorial videos are available online to help you learn parkour moves and techniques. These tutorial videos can be studied before you start to prepare.

Mentally Prepared:

Parkour can be difficult and intimidating. Mentally prepare yourself for obstacles and how to overcome them

Parkour Course Safety Tips

Parkour can be a very safe activity if it is done in a controlled environment such as a parkour course. Accidents can happen. Here are some safety tips:


To avoid injury, always warm up before you start a parkour course.

Start slow:

Do not attempt to perform complicated movements the first time you try. Start slowly and work your way up.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Focus on the movements and obstacles you are practicing. Do not allow distractions to distract you.

Spotters are a great option:

Spotters can help you with complicated movements.

Know your limits:

Do not attempt to perform moves beyond your ability.

Becoming a Parkour Course Instructor

A parkour instructor is a great career choice if you are passionate about the sport and want to share it with others. You will need to:

Get Experience

Parkour is a sport that allows you to gain experience and master the movements and techniques.

Train to be an instructor

Learn how to become a parkour instructor.

Get certified

To prove your competence as an instructor, you should obtain certification from recognized organizations.

Start teaching:

Start teaching parkour classes and gain experience as an instructor.


If you are interested in parkour, a parkour course is the best place to start. It offers a structured and safe environment for you to improve your skills. Parkour is for everyone, beginner to advanced. Be safe, be prepared mentally and physically, and have fun.

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