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6 Epic Parkour Rolls to Master Now!

Introduction to Parkour Rolls

Parkour rolls are an essential part of any parkour practitioner’s skill set. They are essential for maneuvering in any environment. There are many types of parkour rolls. They are also known as vaults, tucks and dives. To be able to practice safely and competently, it is important to learn the basics of parkour rolls.

Where to start

It is important to have a proper body position and hand placement when learning parkour rolls. It is important to be aware of which parts of your body will touch the ground. You should also aim to keep your body flexible, upright, strong, and flexible. It is essential to prepare for landing the roll correctly in order to ensure safety and success in your practice.

Types of Parkour Rolls

  • Dive Rolls Dive roll are the most fundamental and fundamental of parkour rolls. These involve diving headfirst onto a flat surface and rolling over a shoulder. This type of roll is often performed from low heights because it involves an exaggerated entry to ensure maximum safety.
  • Tuck Rolls Tuck rolls protect the neck and head by tucking your elbows and chin. The roll is very similar to a dive-roll, but the entry can sometimes be more dangerous.
  • Vault Rolls – Vault rolls are when you gain momentum to roll over higher obstacles. This type of roll is often combined with a vault to clear the obstacle.

Safety Tips

It is important to be familiar with proper body positioning and landing before you attempt any parkour roll. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:

  • Warm-up exercises and drills are good preparation for jumps or rolls.
  • You should inspect the area for potential hazards.
  • Protect any delicate parts of your body with adequate padding
  • Properly position yourself for landing. Your neck and head should be well protected.
  • You should inspect your environment for obstacles that could hinder your landing.
  • Last but not least, be aware of your limits and avoid attempting anything beyond your capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various types of parkour rolls available?

There are three main types: vault rolls, tuck rolls and dive rolls. Dive rolls involve rolling one shoulder over the other and diving headfirst onto a flat surface. Tuck rolls are a way to keep your neck and head safe. You can tuck your elbows and chin into your body. Vault rolls are used to gain momentum and clear higher obstacles.

What should I be aware of when trying parkour rolls?

Parkour rolls require you to pay attention to your body positioning, the placement of your hands, as well as the environment around you. You should know which parts of your body will touch the ground, and how to position your body for landing. Also, be aware of any potential hazards and obstacles in your environment.

Do you need to wear protective gear for parkour rolls?

Parkour rolls require protection gear. This includes padding, any guards or supports, and a helmet. You should always check for potential hazards in your environment and ensure you have the proper protective gear to ensure a safe landing.

What if I feel fear while trying to do parkour rolls?

Parkour rolls can be scary if you aren’t used to it. It is important to practice drills to get comfortable with the movement. You can overcome fear by taking deep breaths and breaking down movements in smaller pieces. Start small and work your way up to more challenging maneuvers and heights.

How can I tell if I’m ready to do advanced parkour?

It is important to master the fundamental parkour rolls and to be familiar with safety and body positioning before you attempt any advanced parkour rolls. You can start by learning the basics, then move on to more difficult rolls when you feel confident.

Where can I find resources for learning parkour rolls?

You can find many online resources to learn parkour rolls. YouTube is a great place to find tutorials and guides. There are also many books and online courses. Parkour gyms often have instructors and experienced practitioners who can help you master the basics and improve your skills.


Parkour rolls are an integral part of being a safe and skilled parkour practitioner. They enable you to navigate any environment with confidence, efficiency, and safety. To master more advanced parkour techniques, you must first learn the basics. Start small and work your way up by practicing drills and warm-up exercises. Make sure to check for potential hazards in the area and that you have the appropriate protective gear for a safe landing. You can take your parkour practice up a level with the right preparation and knowledge.

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