best places for parkour near me

Best Places for Parkour Near Me

Are you looking to do some parkour in your area? You are in luck! There are many great places to practice freerunning and parkour all over the country. This guide will show you the best parks, gyms, and outdoor locations to practice parkour.


Parks are great places to practice parkour or freerunning. Many parks have grassy areas that are ideal for practicing flips or rolls. There are also features such as rails, walls and stairs that can be used to teach more advanced moves.

1. Millennium Park – Chicago (IL)

Millennium Park in Chicago, known for its beautiful architecture and outdoor art installations is a popular spot for parkour. It’s a popular spot for parkour practitioners, as it has many walls and railings.

2. Central Park – New York City, NY

Another great spot to practice parkour is Central Park. Although it can be crowded, there are many paths, benches, and other features that you can use to practice your parkour skills. There are many meetups and organizations that focus on parkour and freerunning in the park.

3. Santa Monica Beach – Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica Beach, California is the best place to practice parkour near the coast. This sandy spot has many obstacles to train on, including railings and lifeguard towers.


There are many gyms that offer freerunning and parkour training. These gyms have padded floors, foam pits, as well as other safety features that make it safer to practice advanced moves.

1. Tempest Freerunning Academy Los Angeles, CA

Tempest is one of the most popular freerunning and parkour gyms in California. It has multiple locations and offers top-of-the line equipment and training programs. They offer classes for all levels of skill.

2. Urban Evolution – Alexandria, VA

Urban Evolution is located just outside Washington D.C. and is a popular spot among parkour enthusiasts. They offer classes, open gym times, and even programs for children.

3. Apex Movement – Boulder CO

Apex Movement has locations in Colorado and California. They are known for their challenging obstacle courses, and intense training programs. They offer workshops and training camps to serious parkour athletes.

Outdoor Locations

There are many outdoor locations that offer the ultimate parkour experience. These spots offer a unique training experience that combines urban and natural environments.

1. Downtown Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA

Downtown Los Angeles is a parkour paradise with its tall skyscrapers, urban environment, and towering skyscrapers. There are many walls, railings and other features in the area that you can practice on. You also have access to parkour meetups or organizations.

2. Red River Gorge – Slade, KY

Red River Gorge, Kentucky is a great place to practice parkour in the natural environment. This area is full of boulders and cliffs that can be used for training. You should take safety precautions as some of the routes can be dangerous and difficult.

3. Venetian Pool – Coral Gables, FL

The Venetian Pool, a Florida spot that allows parkour and freerunning is unique, thanks to its rock formations and waterfalls. It can be crowded but it is a great spot for parkour enthusiasts.


There are many great places to practice parkour and freerunning no matter where you live. There are many places to practice, whether you prefer it in parks, gyms, outdoors, or both. For support and guidance, make sure you take safety precautions. Happy training!

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