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10 Insane Parkour Spots in Greece to Up Your Urban Game

Welcome to the World of Parkour, Greece

Parkour is a great way to stay fit, push your limits, and have lots of fun. This article will take a deep look at parkour in Greece. We’ll explore the history, the best places to practice it, and why it has become so popular in recent times.

Parkour: A Brief History

Parkour, also known by free running, is a discipline where you use your body to overcome obstacles. Parkour was developed in France in 1980s. It has become a worldwide phenomenon with millions of people practicing it all over the world. Although parkour can look dangerous and acrobatic it is all about using your body to move through your environment in the most efficient way.

Parkour in Greece

Parkour has seen a rise in popularity in Greece in recent years due to the growth of social media and the internet. Parkour is now a popular sport that has many communities and training groups. This allows practitioners of all skill levels to come together to enjoy the thrilling sport.

The amazing natural landscape of Greece is one of the best parts about parkour. Greece is home to some of the most beautiful parkour environments on the planet, with its rugged mountains, pristine beaches and ancient ruins. There are many places where you can improve your skills, whether you’re a beginner of an expert.

Training and Facilities

If you are just beginning parkour, it is important to find a coach or training group that will help you. This will allow you to learn the correct techniques, avoid injury, as well as move at a steady and safe pace. There are many excellent parkour training facilities in Greece such as The Spot Athens or Athens Tricking Academy. These gyms provide state-of the-art equipment, skilled coaches, and a supportive network of fellow practitioners.

Parkour Locations in Greece

One of the best aspects of parkour is being able to apply your skills in the real world. There are many parks, plazas and urban environments in Greece that are ideal for practicing parkour. The Acropolis of Athens and Nafplio on the coast are some of the best places to practice parkour.

Events and Competitions

Another great thing about Greek parkour is the possibility to compete in international and local events. Each year, the Greek Parkour Championship brings together top parkour athletes from all over Greece to compete in a variety challenges. A number of international competitions are open to Greek parkour athletes, including the Red Bull Art of Motion or the World Parkour Championship.

Why choose parkour in Greece?

What makes parkour in Greece so unique? It’s the combination a beautiful natural setting, a passionate community and a deep appreciation for the country’s history and culture that makes parkour in Greece so special. Parkour in Greece offers something for everyone, whether you want to challenge yourself, unleash your creativity or just have fun with like-minded people.


Parkour in Greece can be a rewarding and exciting way to keep fit, challenge yourself and enjoy the beauty of this ancient country. There are many resources and opportunities available to help you reach your goals, whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just starting out. Why not give it a shot? You never know what incredible things you might discover if you begin to move through the world like a true Parkour athlete.

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