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Parkour Beginners: Tips, Techniques, and Safety Precautions


Parkour, also known by free running, is a fun form of athletic movement that involves maneuvering obstacles such as walls, rails and roofs in a fluid and efficient way. Parkour requires strength, agility and balance as well as skill. It is a rewarding, but challenging, activity. This guide will help you get started in parkour.

Getting Started

It is important to prepare your body before you start practicing parkour. Parkour is a high-impact sport that can strain your joints and muscles. It’s important to properly warm up before you begin any training sessions. To get your blood flowing, start with light cardio such as jogging or jumping jacks. Next, move on to dynamic stretches that will increase your flexibility and mobility. You can also do leg swings, ankle circles, and lunges to practice parkour.

Choose Your Gear

Next, you will need to select the right gear for parkour training. Although you don’t require any special equipment to start your training, there are some things that can make it more enjoyable and safer. You should first invest in good athletic shoes that provide good support and grip. Shoes with minimal padding and a flat sole will help you feel the ground and improve your balance. You can also find parkour shoes that are specifically made for parkour. However, they can be quite expensive.


There are many techniques that parkour requires, including vaults and jumps as well as rolls. Here are some tips:Vaults: There is a variety of vaults that parkour uses, but the safety vault is the most important. To perform a safety vault, you need to approach an obstacle from a diagonal angle. Place one hand on the obstacle and swing your legs above it. Jumps: Parkour is a core component. They require precision and timing. To perform a basic jump, crouch down and swing your arms back. Then, use your legs to propel you forward. To increase your height and distance, tuck you knees towards your chest while you jump. To perform a roll, stand at an angle and bring your chin towards your chest. Next, roll over your shoulder to distribute your weight evenly. To get an idea of how to adjust your technique, you can practice rolling on grass, concrete, or gravel.

Safety precautions

Parkour is a thrilling activity that can be very dangerous if you don’t take safety precautions. These are some safety tips: Start slow: Don’t push too hard too soon. Start with basic movements and work your way up to more complicated skills. This will cushion your falls and reduce your risk of injury. Do not attempt high-risk moves until your skills and experience are sufficient.


Parkour is a challenging and exciting activity that requires practice and dedication. This guide will help you get started as a parkour beginner. Take it slow and be safe while learning this exciting art form.

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