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Ronnie Shalvis: The Parkour Maverick You Need to Know


Ronnie Shalvis, a professional comedian, actor and filmmaker, is a parkour athlete of international renown. He has a huge following for his jaw-dropping videos, hilarious parodies and heart-stopping stunts. Ronnie Shalvis, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on February 8, 1984 is a talented and young artist. He has built a strong online presence on social media and won numerous awards for his parkour feats.

Early Life

Ronnie Shalvis grew up in a loving, supportive family. Ronnie Shalvis was always interested in sports and tried out various activities, including soccer, gymnastics and martial arts. It wasn’t until he discovered the sport of parkour that Ronnie found his true calling.

Rise to Fame

Ronnie Shalvis began his journey to success in 2007 when he first discovered parkour. He began posting videos of his stunts to YouTube and gained a large audience. He then formed a team with other parkour athletes called “Freeflow”, and began performing live performances across the United States. In 2010, Ronnie shot into fame when he posted a video titled, “Assassin’s creed meets parkour in real life”, in which he performed stunts while dressed as an Assassin in the popular video game. The video became viral and he gained instant fame around the world. Since then, he has created more amazing videos. Some of these include “Bane Vs Batman Parkour Battle,” Captain America Parkour,” or “Star Wars Parkour.”


Ronnie Shalvis is a parkour expert who has received many awards and accolades. He won the “Best male athlete” award in the 2014 Parkour and Freerunning Athlete Awards and “People’s Choice Award” at the 2015 Urban Awards. He has also performed live for top companies like Red Bull, Nissan and Ford.

Comedy and Acting Career

Ronnie Shalvis, aside from his parkour feats is also a talented actor and comedian. He has written, starred, and directed several parody videos including “The Legend of Zelda Real Life Rupees”, “Ellen DeGeneres Parkour”, and “Linkin Park Parkour. He has also appeared on several television shows and films, including “The Walking Dead,” “Once Upon a Time,” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

Charitable Work

Ronnie Shalvis has been involved in charitable causes and has put his skills to good use. He has worked with Make-A-Wish Foundation in order to create unforgettable experiences that will be remembered by children with terminal illnesses. He has also worked with the National Park Foundation in order to promote national parks and encourage visitors to them.

Philosophy of Parkour

Ronnie Shalvis thinks that parkour is much more than a sport. He believes it is a philosophy which teaches people how to overcome obstacles in life through developing a strong mind and body. For him, it’s not just about doing stunts, but pushing yourself to the limit and beyond.

Ronnie Shalvis: Lessons for Everyone

Ronnie Shalvis inspires many people not only in the parkour world, but in all aspects of life. He encourages us to follow our passions and work hard for our goals. He also reminds of the importance humility, kindness and giving back to society.


Ronnie Shalvis, a true icon for our time. He has built a successful and fulfilling career on the basis of his passion for his art. He has shown that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it and work hard. He is a true role model and inspiration to many. We can all learn from his story.

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