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Parkour Zombie Movie: The Ultimate Survival Thriller

The Parkour Zombie Movie is a survival thriller that combines the two genres of parkour and zombie films. This genre has become very popular in recent years because it offers a unique and exciting twist to the zombie apocalypse story.

What is Parkour?

It is important to know what parkour is before diving into the world parkour zombie films. Parkour is a form of free-flowing movement where practitioners move through their surroundings in an unrestricted and fluid manner. Instead of using traditional navigation methods, such as running or walking, parkour practitioners combine jumps, vaults and other acrobatic moves to move through their surroundings.

What is a Parkour Zombie Movie?

A parkour zombie film is a movie which combines elements of zombie and parkour movies. In a parkour-zombie movie, characters must not only survive in a world overrun with zombies, but also use their parkour skills to avoid and escape the undead.

Why Parkour is perfect for Zombie movies?

There are many reasons why parkour works well in zombie movies. Parkour is a unique way to escape. Parkour is a more fluid and unrestricted way of escaping than traditional methods, such as using vehicles or weapons. This makes it harder for undead to capture the characters. Second, parkour adds a realistic touch to the film. The characters of parkour zombie films are not superheroes but ordinary people who must rely on their skills to survive.

Popular Parkour Zombie Movies

Since the genre gained popularity, several parkour zombie films have been released. Here are some of them:

World War Z (2013)

Brad Pitt is the star of World War Z, a Hollywood blockbuster. The movie is set on a world overrun with zombies. The only way to escape and avoid the undead is to use parkour skills.

Train to Busan 2016

Train to Busan, a Korean film, follows a group on a train as they try to survive a zombie epidemic. The characters must use their parkour skills in order to navigate the train and avoid undead.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse 2004

Resident Evil: Apocalypse, the second movie of the Resident Evil series, is based on a popular video game. The movie follows Alice who teams up with other survivors to escape Raccoon city, which has been overrun with zombies.

What Makes a Great Parkour Zombie Movies?

There are many parkour zombie films, but not all are good. Here are some elements that make for a great parkour-zombie movie:

Believable Characters

The characters of a parkour-zombie movie should be relatable and believable. They should be real people with strengths and weaknesses rather than superheroes who have unrealistic abilities.

Tense Atmosphere

A great parkour-zombie movie should create an atmosphere of tension that keeps viewers on the edge. The audience should be able to feel the danger the characters face and root for them to survive.

Realistic Action Sequences

Parkour zombie films rely heavily upon action sequences. These action sequences must be realistic and convincing. The movements and stunts must be performed so that they look real and not like CGI effects.


The genre of parkour zombie movies is a unique and exciting one that adds a new twist to traditional zombie apocalypse stories. Regular people can become the ultimate survivor in a world overrun with zombies by learning parkour skills. A parkour zombie film is a must for anyone who enjoys a thrilling survival thriller.

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