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Parkour Kong Vault: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering the kong-vault is essential if you want to improve your parkour abilities. This move is both practical and impressive, allowing you the ability to clear obstacles quickly. This guide will teach you everything you need about the parkour kong – from its basics to more advanced variations.

What is a Kong Vault?

A kong-vault is a parkour move that involves jumping, diving and rolling over an obstruction in a fluid motion. The athlete jumps from one foot and dives horizontally over the obstacle, landing on the other side after a roll.

How to perform a Kong Vault

The basic steps to executing a kong-vault are:1. As you approach the obstacle, raise your arms in front of yourself at a moderate pace. Use your arms to push your feet forward and upwards when you reach the obstacle. As you leap over an obstacle, tuck in your knees. Extend your legs at the height of your jump to land on the opposite side of the obstacle. Perform a roll immediately to absorb the impact.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

While the kong-vault looks simple, there are some common mistakes that athletes make when trying to perfect this move. Some of these mistakes include: You can do this by:1. Leaping up too high.3. Not properly tucking in your knees.4. Landing too hard. Not rolling correctly.

Advanced Variations

You can try these advanced variations once you have mastered your kong vault:1. Double Kong: Perform two kong vaults quickly in the same direction. Reverse Kong: In this variation, you must approach the obstacle on the opposite side. You then execute the move in reverse. Kong Gainer: The athlete performs a flip after the kong vault. Kong to Flag: This combination move is more advanced and involves launching a kong to a wall or flag pole.

Benefits of practicing the Kong Vault

The kong vault has many benefits for parkour athletes. Improved speed and agility. Improved spatial awareness.3. Strengthening of the upper body. Confidence in performing difficult moves. Physical fitness levels are higher.

Tips for Success

Here are some tips to help you perfect your kong-vault:1. Start with smaller obstacles and progress to larger ones. Separately practice landing and rolling techniques. Focus on fluidity, control and stability rather than speed. Try out different variations to test yourself.5. Warm up before you attempt parkour.


The kong vault, an essential skill in parkour, requires dedication and hard work. This guide will help you build a solid foundation for your kong-vault. Don’t forget to try out advanced variations and continue to challenge yourself. You’ll become a kong vault expert in no time if you practice!

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