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Parkour Jump: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art of Jumping

Are you interested in parkour and other forms of martial arts? Are you looking to improve your skills? Parkour jumping is a key element you need to master.

Parkour jumps are an important part of the discipline. They are used to clear gaps and navigate obstacles. Jumping is a fundamental movement that every parkour artist must master. This guide will teach you everything you need to know and show you how to do parkour jumps like a pro.

What is Parkour Jumping?

Parkour jumping involves the act of jumping over obstacles, vaulting or clearing gaps while navigating through a route. It is an essential skill in parkour, which allows you to move quickly, efficiently, and fluidly. Parkour jumping’s goal is to overcome all obstacles while maintaining momentum and speed.

Jumping requires speed, strength, agility, and practice. You will be able to adjust your jumps to meet different obstacles and situations while navigating a course.

The Basics of Parkour Jumping

Parkour jumping has three main components: takeoff, flight, landing. To be able to execute a successful jump, you must understand each component.

The Takeoff

The start point of your jump is where you generate the force required to clear an obstacle. This involves pushing off the ground with your legs to propel yourself forward. How high you can jump will determine how far you can go. These are some of the factors that can influence your takeoff:

  • Foot placement – Place your feet slightly apart and point your toes forward.
  • Body posture: Maintain a forward lean with your arms open to assist you in taking off.
  • Foot pressure – Apply pressure on the balls of your feet and then use a quick explosive motion for launch.
  • Mental preparation – Visualize the leap in advance and adopt an optimistic mindset.

The Flight

The mid-air phase between takeoff and landing is called the flight. It is the point at which you maintain your speed and trajectory, while clearing obstacles or gaps. You must master the flight with body control, balance, as well as mid-air adjustments. These are some tips to help you parkour jump during flight.

  • Keep your eyes on the landing spot or landing area.
  • Maintain your stability and avoid excessive rotation.
  • To balance and maintain your trajectory, use your arms.
  • Relax and concentrate on your breathing.

The Landing

Landing is the final stage of parkour jumping. It involves reestablishing contact with the ground or any other surface. This is the most difficult part of a jump and can result in injuries. Landing techniques are about transferring impact forces from ground to body effectively while minimizing injury. You need to be aware of several factors in order to master landing.

  • Pick a landing spot that is flat and free from obstacles.
  • To absorb the impact and disperse it throughout your body, fold your legs.
  • To help balance and momentum, maintain a good upper-body position.
  • To avoid losing balance and over-rotating, look ahead rather than down

Parkour Jumps: Types

There are many types of parkour jumps. Each type has its own takeoff, flight and landing technique. Complex parkour courses require proficiency in multiple types of jumps. These are the most popular parkour jumps.

Stride Jump

The stride jump is a simple, two-step jump that involves one foot forward, pushing off the ground with your back foot and jumping forward. This technique is great for clearing small obstacles and long-distance jumps.

Speed Vault

The speed vault allows you to clear obstacles while maintaining your speed. This involves placing one hand on top of an obstacle and simultaneously kicking your legs through it.

Vault with Two Hands

The two-handed vault involves placing both hands on an obstacle and pushing yourself over it. It can be used for low-lying obstacles, and it is fast to execute, making it a great technique for quickly navigating obstacles.

Monkey Vault

The monkey vault is similar in design to the two-handed vault, but the vaulting leg must pass between the hands rather than behind. This motion allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in dealing with obstacles.

Wall Climbing

Wall climbing is a special type of jump that involves scaling walls or climbing onto ledges using a jumping motion. It is stronger than other techniques, and can be used to transition from the ground to higher elevations.

Tips to Perfect Your Parkour Jumps

These are the essential tips to help improve your parkour jump technique.

Train Consistently

Parkour is like any other sport. It requires consistency in training. It is important to take the time to improve strength, conditioning, technique. As you gain experience, you can start with simple jumps and move on to more difficult techniques.

Strengthen your legs

Parkour jumping is a sport that requires leg strength. Strong legs are essential for power generation during takeoff, balance in flight, and shock absorption during landing. You should focus on exercises that strengthen your lower body, such as squats and lunges.

Balance Improvement

Parkour jumping requires balance. You can improve your balance by standing on one foot, walking a tightrope or using a balanceboard. These exercises will improve coordination, body control, and mid-air adjustments.

Visualize Your Jump

Parkour is all about visualization. It boosts mental readiness and confidence. Visualize yourself performing the jump successfully. Visualize the landing, takeoff, and flight in detail.

Flexibility is what you should be working on

Parkour jumping requires flexibility. A flexible body can move in various directions, enabling you to execute different jumping styles quickly. Stretching is a great way to increase flexibility and mobility in your training program.


Parkour jumping is an important aspect of the sport. Every athlete must master the art of jumping to move efficiently and quickly. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about parkour jumps, including the basics, the types of jumps, and tips to improve your technique. Parkour jumping is best learned through consistent practice and training. Keep practicing to improve your skills.

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