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Parkour Google: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art of Movement


In recent years, the discipline of parkour has become extremely popular. It is a form of physical activity that involves moving quickly through an environment using your body movements. The word “parkour,” which is derived from the French “parcours,” means “course” and “route.” David Belle was inspired by the military training of his father to develop this sport. Today, parkour is a popular sport that combines gymnastics with running and climbing.

Parkour Basics

The basic principles are simple, but mastering these requires a lot practice and dedication. The key to mastering parkour is to move gracefully and efficiently through your environment. This involves using your natural movements to overcome obstacles such as walls, railings and other barriers. Some of the basic parkour techniques include:


Jumping is a fundamental and basic movement in parkour. It involves using your legs to propel you into the air. To jump correctly, you must use your legs to act as springs while your body absorbs the impact of landing.


Climbing is an essential parkour movement. Climbing involves using your upper-body strength to lift yourself over obstacles such as walls and railings. To climb correctly, you must use your hands and foot to grip the surface. Your body will then generate the force needed.


Vaulting is the use of your hands and feet in order to overcome an obstacle. There are several different vaults such as the Kong vault and the Lazy vault. Each vault type requires a different technique and approach.

Training for Parkour

Parkour training requires both mental and physical preparation. You must develop your strength, endurance and coordination as well as your ability of thinking quickly, adapting to your environment and making split-second decisions.

Physical Training

Parkour training involves a combination cardio, strength and flexibility exercises. You can build your cardio endurance by doing activities like running, cycling or swimming. You can build strength by doing exercises like pull-ups and push-ups. Yoga or stretching exercises can help you improve your flexibility.

Mental training

Mental training for parkour involves developing spatial awareness, problem-solving abilities, and mental focus. This can be achieved by performing visualization exercises where you visualize yourself performing parkour moves in your mind. You can also improve your mental clarity by practicing mindfulness exercises. These involve focusing on your breathing and surroundings.

Equipment for Parkour

Parkour does not require much special equipment. However, there are some items that may be useful. Some of the most important pieces of parkour equipment include:

Parkour Shoes

Parkour shoes are designed for maximum traction and stability. They have a thin flexible sole with a grippy outer sole to help you grip surfaces.


Gloves provide extra grip for climbing and gripping and can protect your hands.

Parkour Bag

A parkour bag allows you to carry essentials such as water, snacks and extra clothing while you train.

Safety Precautions For Parkour

If you don’t take the proper safety precautions, parkour can be dangerous. While training for parkour, it’s important to follow these safety precautions:

Warm up properly

Warming up helps prepare your body for parkour’s physical demands and prevents injuries. Before you begin your training, always start with a dynamic stretching exercise and a light jog.

Wear Safety Gear

Wearing safety gear such as elbow pads and helmets can protect you if you fall, or hit an object.

Know your limits

Do not attempt anything for which you are not mentally and physically prepared. If you are not comfortable with an exercise, do not attempt it.

Train with a Partner

It is helpful to train with a partner so that you can spot each other’s movements and provide feedback.

Parkour has many benefits

Parkour is a great form of exercise with many mental and physical benefits. Some of the benefits of parkour are:

Improved Physical Fitness

It is a challenging exercise that can improve your cardiovascular fitness. It also improves flexibility, strength, and coordination.

Confidence Increased

You can boost your self-esteem and confidence by taking risks and overcoming obstacles.

Reduce Stress

It is a great exercise to get your heart rate and adrenaline going.

Mental Clarity Improved

Parkour requires that you be in the moment, aware of your surroundings and focused.


Parkour is a challenging and exciting discipline that can improve your mental and physical health. Parkour is a discipline that can be improved upon by anyone, whether you are a novice or an expert. You can master the art and science of movement by following the basics and training safely.

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