parkour evolution

Parkour Evolution

The discipline of parkour evolved from the French military training, where soldiers were taught to move quickly over different terrains. Today, parkour is a form of art that combines athleticism with creativity and problem-solving abilities. This discipline has evolved since its inception and continues to do so today.

Parkour as a discipline

The discipline of parkour involves moving quickly and fluidly around obstacles such as walls, rails and roofs. The goal of parkour, is to move from A to B as efficiently as possible. You can do this by using your body weight, your momentum, and your strength to overcome obstacles.

The Evolution of Parkour

David Belle, the founder of the discipline, began his training in parkour in the 1990s. Parkour was a more practical discipline at the time. It was mainly used by law enforcement officers and military personnel. David Belle, however, saw the potential for parkour to be a form of self-expression and fitness.

Over time, the discipline of parkour has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. People of all ages have embraced the discipline of parkour to improve their physical fitness, develop themselves personally, and express themselves creatively. The discipline has evolved into multiple variations such as tricking, free-running and flow. Each variation has its own style and flair.

The influence of technology has been a key factor in the evolution and growth of parkour. Parkour has gained international fame and exposure with the advent of video-sharing platforms and social media. Parkour athletes use social media to show off their skills and connect with other members of the community. This has helped spread the discipline and inspired new generations of athletes.

Over time, the equipment used in parkour also evolved. Originally, parkour was practiced without any gear. However, today, many athletes use specialized gloves, shoes, and other gear in order to improve their performance and avoid injury. As the sport has grown, companies have started to produce equipment specifically designed for parkour.

The growth of the parkour community has also been a factor in its evolution. Parkour athletes are now gathering in groups to share ideas, train together and push each other forward. The parkour community is a powerful force of change, advocating more parkour-friendly places and promoting parkour as a way to improve physical fitness and personal development.

The Future of Parkour

There is no doubt as parkour continues to develop, it will continue pushing the limits of what the human body is capable of. Athletes are always experimenting with new styles and techniques, which inspires new generations of athletes. Parkour is an art that is constantly evolving.

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