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Parkour Cats TikTok: Taking the Internet by Storm

You may have noticed a new trend on social media – parkour cat videos on TikTok. These feline acrobats have millions of viewers in awe with their incredible jumps, twists and flips. They inspire them to train their cats in the art parkour.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a sport in which you traverse obstacles using only your body’s natural movements. Humans parkour involves running, jumping and climbing, but cats focus on jumping, running and balancing.

Cats have demonstrated their natural talent in parkour for years. They can jump up to three times their height and have amazing balance and coordination. This makes them perfect candidates for parkour experts.

The rise of parkour cats on TikTok

It’s easy to understand why parkour cats are so popular on TikTok. Videos of cats performing incredible tricks are hard to resist. People can’t get over these adorable cats jumping off walls, climbing trees, and landing on the ground gracefully.

Parkour enthusiasts and cat owners alike have been using the social media app TikTok to share videos of cats performing impressive feats. Parkour cats on TikTok are a sensation, whether it’s a cat scaling an obstacle course indoors or a cat jumping from a narrow surface in the great outdoors.

Train your cat for Parkour

You’re in luck if you’re inspired to train your cat in parkour by these incredible feline sportsmen. With patience, persistence and some clever techniques, you can make any cat a parkour expert.

Understanding Your Cat’s Limits

You need to know your cat’s limitations before you can begin training them for parkour. It’s important to determine your cat’s level of skill before you start. Start with small obstacles, and increase the difficulty as your cat gets better.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement can be a powerful tool in training animals. Reward your cat with a treat every time it successfully completes an obstacle. This will encourage them to continue and help them associate parkour as something positive.

Create an Obstacle course

Create an obstacle course with everyday items in your home to train your cat to do parkour. Start with simple obstacles like a box you can jump over and then add more difficult obstacles such as ledges or walls to climb.

It is important to ensure that your obstacle course will be safe and secure. Remove any items which could be dangerous to your cat. Also, make sure that the obstacle course is stable so it won’t collapse during your cat’s sessions.

Be patient and persistent

It takes time to train your cat in parkour. It takes patience and persistence to train your cat to overcome each obstacle. Do not get discouraged if you cat does not immediately grasp the concept or becomes bored during training. Keep going and your cat will eventually start to improve.

Top Parkour Cats from TikTok

There are thousands cats on TikTok but only a few have made it to the parkour cat hall. Here are some of TikTok’s most popular parkour cat users:

1. Suki the Cat

Suki is an adorable Bengal cat that loves to jump, play and climb. Suki’s owner has designed a variety parkour-style challenges for her, and she never fails to impress her with her agility and grace.

2. Faltu the Cat

Faltu, a parkour cat who has millions of views in his videos on TikTok is a popular star. He was a rescue cat found on the streets in India. Now he is living his best life, jumping and climbing over obstacles.

3. Boomerang the Cat

Boomerang, a ginger boy, loves to tackle challenging obstacle courses. He is known for his incredible leaps and was featured on Ellen DeGeneres talk show.

4. Xafi the Cat and Auri

Xafi & Auri are two adorable Scottish Fold Cats who love parkour. Their owner created an indoor obstacle course that includes everything from a balance beam to a rocking horses.


While the TikTok trend of parkour cats is new, cat lovers have seen their furry friends’ amazing skills for years. These feline athletes will leave you in awe, whether you’re a cat lover or a parkour enthusiast.

If you want to train your cat in parkour, remember to be patient and use positive reinforcement. Start with small, safe obstacles. Parkour is not for every cat, but with practice and dedication, your furry friend can become an expert acrobat.

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