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MCC Parkour: The Ultimate Guide

Monkey Climber Crew Parkour (MCC) is one of the most recognizable parkour organizations. MCC Parkour is made up of individuals who share the same passion for parkour, freerunning, and other related movement disciplines. They have created a group that embraces parkour principles and shares them with other people.

What is MCC Parkour?

MCC Parkour is an athlete community that is passionate about free running and parkour. The organization was founded by a group friends in 2008 who were passionate about moving through urban environments. Over 200 members train regularly for the organization and promote parkour.

The Principles of Parkour

It is a discipline where you use your body and brain to move through an environment in the most efficient manner possible. It is a discipline which teaches you how to overcome obstacles and develop your physical abilities. The principles of parkour can be summed up as: be safe, efficient, and creative.

Training with MCC Parkour

MCC Parkour provides a range of training programs that will help you improve your parkour skills. Their training programs are designed for you to build strength, improve technique, and develop creativity. The organization offers classes at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Beginner Classes

MCC Parkour offers beginner classes for those who are new to the sport of parkour. These classes focus on safety and teach basic parkour movements such as rolling, jumping, and vaulting. These classes focus on building strength and conditioning in order to build a solid base for your parkour training.

Intermediate and Advanced Classes

MCC Parkour offers advanced and intermediate classes for those who are more experienced in parkour. These classes focus on developing advanced skills. These classes will teach you techniques such as wall-climbing, flips, and aerial movement, and help develop your creativity and style.

Parkour with MCC Parkour: Benefits

Parkour has many benefits for both the physical and mental health. MCC Parkour offers you the opportunity to experience these benefits, and develop your skills within a supportive environment.

Physical Benefits

It is a great exercise to improve your fitness. It can help you develop strength, agility and balance in a fun and functional way. Parkour improves your endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and mobility.

Mental Benefits

MCC Parkour training can also have many mental benefits. Parkour requires mental concentration and focus, which can help you develop your problem solving skills. It also helps you overcome fear and gain confidence in your abilities.


MCC Parkour was founded to promote the principles of free running and parkour. Their supportive community and rigorous programs are designed to help develop your parkour abilities and experience the benefits of this discipline. MCC Parkour offers something for everyone, whether you are a novice or an experienced athlete. Join them today to begin your parkour journey.

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