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How to Start Parkour: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to learn how to do parkour? Parkour is a thrilling sport that involves moving quickly through obstacles. It requires a combination between physical strength, mental focus, and agility. Anyone can learn parkour with the right mentality and training. This guide will cover everything you need in order to get started with the parkour.

What is Parkour?

The goal of Parkour is to move as quickly and efficiently as you can, using your body and the environment around you. The goal is to navigate through the environment fluidly and freestyle, overcoming obstacles. Parkour is an artistic and practical form of movement. It requires a high degree of physical and mental ability.

Why Learn Parkour?

You may want to learn parkour for many reasons. You may want to improve your agility and physical fitness, or you might be looking for a fun and new way to challenge yourself. Parkour has many mental benefits as well, including increased self-confidence and better problem-solving abilities. Parkour is also a great way to meet people who share your passions and interests.

Get Started with Parkour

Before you begin your parkour training it is important to understand the basic principles and techniques. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Start Slowly

You’ll need patience to learn Parkour, as it is a physically demanding sport. Start by building a solid foundation of strength, flexibility, and balance. Take your time learning each new movement, and practice it until confident and comfortable.

2. Find a safe practice space

It’s important that you find a controlled and safe practice area when you first start out with parkour. Look for a park with different obstacles such as rails, walls, benches, etc. Make sure the area is well-maintained, and that there are no hazards or obstacles.

3. Invest in Good Gear

You’ll need good gear to learn parkour safely. This includes a pair or durable athletic shoes that have a good grip, comfortable clothing allowing for a range of movement and lightweight gloves protecting your hands. Your gear should be comfortable and provide the protection and support you need.

4. Learn the Basic Moves

Parkour is a combination of different movements and techniques. From climbing and jumping, to rolling and vaulting. Start by mastering the basic moves such as the safety jump, precision jump and cat leap. Practice each move until it feels comfortable.

5. Take a class or work with a trainer

If you are new to parkour it is highly beneficial to attend a class or to work with a coach who can teach you the proper form and technique. Find a qualified and experienced trainer who can guide and support you as you learn.

Training for Parkour

Here are some tips on how to improve your parkour skills:

1. Strength Training

It’s important to strengthen your legs, core and upper body in order to improve your parkour abilities. Focus on exercises that increase explosive power such as squat jumping, plyometrics and resistance training.

2. Cardiovascular Training

Include cardio training in your routine. You can improve your endurance by running, biking, or swimming.

3. Balance and Stability Training

Parkour is a sport that relies heavily on balance and stability. Include exercises that will improve your stability and balance, such as side planks and single-leg squats.

4. Practice, Practice and Practice

You’ll need to practice regularly to improve your parkour abilities. Set aside time every day to train for parkour. Focus on improving technique, building strength, and learning new moves.

Staying Safe With Parkour

Parkour is no different. It has its risks. Follow these guidelines to stay safe when practicing parkour:

1. Know Your Limits

You’ll have to be honest about your limits, as parkour is a physically challenging sport. Do not attempt moves beyond your level of skill and take breaks if you feel tired or fatigued.

2. Warm up properly

Warm up and stretch your body properly before you begin any parkour exercises. This will prevent injury and prepare you for the demands of parkour.

3. Wear Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear such as a pad or helmet is important for your safety when practicing parkour. This will protect your head, elbows and knees from injury.

4. Train in a Controlled Environment

It’s important that you train in a controlled, safe environment when you first start out with parkour. Avoid moving in uncontrolled or unsafe areas and practice new moves with a trainer or spotter.

The Mental Side of Parkour

Parkour isn’t only a physical activity – it requires mental toughness and concentration. Here are some tips on how to develop the mental skills needed for parkour success.

1. Break down Complex Moves

It can be helpful to break down difficult or complex moves into smaller, more manageable steps. This will allow you to approach the move confidently and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

2. Visualize Success

Visualization can be a powerful tool to develop mental toughness and focus. Visualize yourself completing a new move and feeling the accomplishment that comes along with it.

3. Keep calm and focused

It is easy to get distracted or overwhelmed when you are attempting a parkour routine. Keep your focus on your goals, and stay calm under pressure. Every obstacle is an opportunity for you to grow and improve.


Parkour is an exciting and challenging sport that has many physical and mental benefits. Anyone can learn parkour with the right mindset and training. Take the time to learn and develop your skills as you explore parkour, whether you are a seasoned athlete, or a novice.

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