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Good Parkour: Mastering the Art of Movement

The Fundamentals of Parkour

Freerunning, or parkour, is a demanding sport that requires agility, strength, and speed. It involves running, hopping, climbing, and sliding over obstacles with a fluid and fluid motion. The goal of parkour involves navigating an urban environment as efficiently and quickly as possible. To excel at parkour, a good practitioner must have a strong foundation of fundamental movements.

The History of Parkour

In the 1980s in France, it was called “le parcours.” It was created by a group young men from Paris who wanted to improve their physical abilities and overcome the obstacles in their surroundings. The sport became popular in the 1990s and is now practiced all over the globe.

Parkour has many benefits

Parkour is a great way to improve your physical and mental health. It promotes quick reflexes, spatial awareness, and endurance while improving strength, flexibility, and endurance. Parkour helps develop self-confidence, mental toughness and problem-solving abilities.

Essential Techniques for Good Parkour


Running is a key skill for parkour enthusiasts. Running technique is essential for parkour practitioners. A good parkour runner will focus on landing softly and keeping their body upright. It is important to develop good sprinting and endurance skills.


Jumping is an essential movement in parkour. Jumping involves lifting oneself up and clearing an obstruction in one swift movement. A good parkourer must have excellent balance and coordination, as well as be able to generate explosive force. To achieve the right form and technique, you will need to practice a lot.


Climbing is the process of scaling a wall, or another obstacle using upper and lower body power. To move up a wall smoothly, it is important to have a good grip and technique. A good parkour climbing must also have confidence and the ability to take quick decisions when under pressure.


A good balance is essential for successful parkour. The practitioner must be able navigate narrow ledges or uneven surfaces without losing balance. It is essential to develop core stability and strength to maintain balance when performing other movements.

Training for Good Parkour

Physical Conditioning

Parkour requires a very high level of physical strength and endurance. Regular strength and conditioning workouts are essential to increase stamina and build muscle. Exercises like push-ups and pull-ups can be included in training. To achieve a balanced body, it is important to include both upper and lower-body workouts.

Parkour Specific Training

Parkour-specific training helps to develop the necessary skills needed for good parkour. This type of training is aimed at improving technique and developing new movement. To ensure proper technique and form, it is important to train under the guidance a coach with experience.

Mental Training

For good parkour, mental training is as important as physical. Practitioners need to be able think quickly and react to unexpected circumstances. Mental training can include visualizations and problem-solving situations to improve quick-thinking and decision-making abilities.

Safety Tips for Good Parkour

Warming up and stretching

Stretching and warming up are essential for preventing injury when practicing parkour. Spend at least 10 minutes warming up and stretching before training.

Wearing Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear is essential when practicing parkour. This includes a sturdy shoe, a helmet and knee and elbow pads.

Start with Simple Movements

Start with simple movements, and then progress to more advanced techniques. This will help to reduce the risk of injury, and develop good form and technique.

Practice in Safe Environments

Always practice parkour within a controlled and safe environment, such as in a gym or specialized park. Avoid practicing on dangerous or risky places, such as rooftops or bridges.

The Future of Good Parkour

Parkour is a sport that has seen a huge increase in popularity over the last few years. Many cities have begun to build parkour training centers and parks, making it more accessible for people around the globe. The sport is now recognized as an official discipline and there are national and international competitions every year.

Inspiring Next Generation

Parkour is a powerful tool that can inspire and motivate people from all walks of life. It encourages people to push themselves past their limits, to develop resilience, creativeness, and mental toughness. The future of parkour is bright as more people discover its joys.


It takes more than physical strength and agility to be a good parkourer. It requires mental toughness and creativity. To become a successful practitioner of parkour you need to develop the fundamentals, practice regularly and stay safe. Anyone can master the art and benefits of parkour with dedication and hard work.

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