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Dying Light Parkour: The Ultimate Guide

Dying Light is an open-world action video game that places you in a zombie-infested town. You might not be aware that Dying Light’s parkour system allows you to navigate the city with speed, agility, and precision.

This guide will take you on a deep dive into Dying Light Parkour. We’ll cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques that will allow you to master the game’s movement.

The Basics of Dying light Parkour

Let’s begin with the basics before we get into more advanced techniques. Dying Light parkour is a method that allows you to use your character’s speed and agility to move around the city efficiently and quickly.

Parkour is a sport that requires you to learn the basics of movement in order to get started. This includes running, jumping and climbing. The wall run is one of the most important moves of parkour. It allows you to sprint up walls and gain access to new areas in the city.

Wall Running

Begin by running towards a wall to perform a wall-run. Jump towards the wall and then hold down the jump button to jump off the wall again. This will allow you to jump forward and up, which will allow you to reach higher areas and move quickly throughout the city.

Wall running is an important element of Dying Light parkour. It takes practice to master the timing. Before you attempt to run wall runs in dangerous areas, make sure you practice them in a safe area.


Sliding is another important skill in Dying Light parkour. Sliders can be used to quickly maneuver through tight spaces and under obstacles.

To perform a slide, sprint towards the obstacle and then press and hold on the crouch button. You will see your character slide under the obstacle. This will allow you to run normally without slowing down.

Advanced Dying Light Parkour Techniques

Once you have mastered the basics, it’s time for advanced techniques. These moves require more skill, but can improve your parkour skills.

Grapple Hook

The grapple hook is one of the most powerful tools in Dying Light Parkour. The grapple hook allows for quick movement between buildings, reaching higher areas, and escaping danger.

You can use the grapple hook by equipping it in your inventory. Next, find a suitable grapple spot. These points will be marked on your map with blue icons. To launch the hook, aim at the point and press the grapple button. Once the hook attaches to your point, you can move quickly to another location using the hook.

It takes practice to use the grapple hook. You need to aim accurately and time your launches perfectly. Once you are proficient with the hook, you will be able move around the city with amazing speed and efficiency.


Rolling is an advanced parkour move that can prove to be extremely useful in the game. Rolling allows for quick recovery from a fall or jump, and you can avoid any damage.

To roll, jump and press the crouch button before you touch the ground. Your character will roll forward quickly and get up quickly. This allows you to continue your run without losing momentum.

Combat using Dying Light Parkour

Although parkour is primarily used to move in Dying Light it can also be very useful in combat. Parkour can be used strategically to gain an advantage over your opponents and escape from dangerous situations.

Drop Kicks

Drop kick is one of the most powerful moves in Dying Light’s parkour combat. Drop kicks enable you to do a powerful jump attack against your enemies, knocking them off their feet and dealing damage.

Jump and then press the attack button in mid-air to perform a drop kick. A flying kick will be performed by your character that can knock down enemies and open the door for further attacks.

Climbing Attacks

The climbing attack is another parkour maneuver that can be used in combat. Climbing attacks can be used to attack enemies from higher places, dealing additional damage and disorienting them.

To perform a climbing attack climb up to an area higher than the enemy and then press attack. Your character will launch a powerful attack from the top, dealing additional damage and knocking down the enemy.

Improve Your Dying Light Parkour Skills

There are some things you can do to improve your Dying Light parkour skills and become a master of the art.


Practice is the best way to improve your parkour skills. Spend time exploring the city, learning new moves and mastering the basics.

Finding a safe place in the city to practice is a great way to get better at one move. You could practice wall runs or grapple hook launch until you feel confident.

Watch Videos

You can also learn from the videos of other parkour players. YouTube and other platforms offer a wealth of parkour videos that will inspire you and teach you new moves.

Pay attention to the techniques of other players and try to duplicate them in your own gameplay. These videos can be used to explore new areas and locate new grapple hook points, and other useful spots.

Join a community

Consider joining the Dying Light parkour group. There are many online communities that focus on parkour and movement. These can be great places for players to share tips and take part in challenges and other events.


Dying Light parkour can be a thrilling part of the game and can elevate your gameplay to a whole new level. Parkour is a crucial skill that you will need to master, whether you are trying to escape danger, move quickly around the city, or gain an edge in combat.

You’ll soon be a master at Dying Light parkour if you follow the tips and techniques in this guide. Get out there and practice your moves to explore the city like never!

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