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10 Epic Parkour Videos to Get You Fired Up

Parkour Videos is one the most exciting and thrilling sports. Parkour is a type of physical activity that involves running, jumping, vaulting and climbing to get from A to B in a safe, efficient, and quick manner. It is a popular sport that is enjoyed by both recreational and competitive athletes. Parkour videos can be very educational and offer many perspectives and angles to view from.

What are Parkour Videos?

Parkour videos are videos that focus on Parkour and the associated activities such as running, jumping and flipping. Parkour, a type of physical activity that originated in France, is about navigating obstacles and challenges in a creative, safe and efficient way. It is a very popular sport that can be described as extreme and has seen a significant rise in popularity over the past decade. Parkour videos can use many different sequences and techniques to help viewers understand the sport and its subcategories. It could include the filming of Parkour tricks, stunts, and styles, as well motivational and informative feature video productions.

Parkour videos of different types

Parkour videos come in many formats. They are created to educate and entertain viewers. Parkour videos can include tutorials and demonstrations as well as live action recordings or Vlogs. Here’s a quick overview of the various types of Parkour videos that you might find:

  1. Freerunning– Freerunning is a form Parkour that was developed in California. It involves the use of structures, environment, and obstacles to perform acrobatic acts, often with an emphasis on aesthetics. Sometimes, the term “Freerunning”, is used interchangeably with “Parkour”.
  2. Challenge videos – These challenge videos often include various obstacles and challenges specifically designed for Parkour practitioners in order to test their agility, strength, and courage.
  3. Tutorials– Tutorial videos are generally made to show people the basics and principles of Parkour. Tutorial videos are very informative and can be helpful for beginners who wish to learn the basics.
  4. Motivational Video – These videos are a source of inspiration and motivation for Parkour enthusiasts. These videos often feature amazing stunts and stunning acrobatics, giving viewers an inside view of the hard work and dedication required to be a successful Parkour practitioner.
  5. Videos as Art – Parkour videos can be used to create stunning visuals and amazing performances. These videos often feature stunning shots and incredible stunts, and are set to music.

You can find Parkour videos online, either for free or for purchase in DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs. You can find them on YouTube and other video streaming sites. There are also special websites that focus on Parkour videos.

Frequently Asked Questions about Parkour Videos

  • What is Parkour’s goal?

    Parkour is about achieving peak physical and mental performance by navigating obstacles and challenges safely, efficiently, and quickly.

  • Parkour is how safe?

    Parkour can be considered a safe activity when done correctly and with enough training, supervision, and conditioning. Protective gear such as knee pads and helmets should always be worn. It is also important to practice parkour with a spotter.

  • Is Parkour a sport?

    International Gymnastics Federation officially recognizes parkour as a sport. It is becoming increasingly popular as a recreational and competitive activity.

  • What gear is required to practice Parkour?

    Your level of involvement in Parkour will determine the gear you need. You will need running shoes, joggers, loose-fitting pants, and a helmet. Additional gear may be required for more advanced or serious practitioners. This includes wrist guards, knee pads, wrist protectors, and other protective equipment.

  • Where can I find Parkour videos

    You can find Parkour videos online as well as on DVD and Blu-Ray Discs. YouTube and other video streaming sites often feature Parkour videos. There are also speciality websites that focus on Parkour videos.

  • What are the main styles in Parkour?

    Parkour can be divided into two main styles: Freerunning or Freestyle. Freerunning is more aesthetic and consists of flips or spins, while Freestyle focuses more on efficiency.

  • Is there any Parkour competition?

    Yes, there are professional and amateur Parkour competitions for individual and team competitions.

  • What are the benefits to Parkour?

    Parkour offers many physical and mental benefits. It improves coordination, agility and balance as well as speed, strength, endurance, speed, and speed. It helps you to improve your problem solving and discipline skills as well as self-confidence.


Parkour videos offer a stimulating and informative view into this fascinating physical sport. These videos will provide you with a fascinating look into Parkour and all it has to offer, whether you are a seasoned fan or just starting to learn about the sport.

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