who invented parkour

Who Invented Parkour?

Parkour is a popular discipline in physical training that involves using only your body to navigate through complex environments. Many people are interested in learning more about parkour’s origins and who created this thrilling sport.

Parkour’s Origins

Parkour, also known free-running, was developed in France by a group young Parisians who wanted to push the limits of human ability. The Yamakasi were a group of young Parisians who trained in Parkour. They used various urban environments to traverse fences, walls and other obstacles.

Yamakasi believed that their bodies could be trained to be strong and agile so they could navigate any environment. They used a variety techniques from martial arts, gymnastics and other physical disciplines to improve their skills and push the boundaries.

Parkour’s Founder

Parkour’s founder is widely believed to be David Belle. He was also one of the cofounders of the Yamakasi in early 1990s. Belle was born in Fecamp in France in 1973. She grew up in Paris’ suburbs.

Belle was inspired to train by his father, a veteran firefighter, and to improve his strength and agility. He also found inspiration from Bruce Lee and other martial arts, as well his own experiences in navigating Paris’ urban environment.

The Evolution of Parkour

Parkour has evolved over the years from a niche discipline that was only practiced by a few enthusiasts to a mainstream, popular sport that is enjoyed worldwide by millions.

Parkour is a popular sport that is featured in TV shows and movies. Every year, there are many competitions and events where athletes can show off their skills.

The Spread of Parkour

Parkour’s popularity is due to its accessibility. Anyone can practice it, regardless of their age, gender, or fitness level. Parkour has seen rapid growth all over the world with millions of people practicing it in cities and towns around the globe.

The internet has also contributed to the growth of parkour. It makes it possible for enthusiasts to share information about training techniques and events as well as information about competitions. The popularity of the sport has also been helped by social media, with videos and images showing parkour athletes performing amazing feats going viral.

The Future of Parkour

Parkour’s future looks bright as it continues to attract new enthusiasts and fans from all over the globe. Experts predict that parkour will continue growing in popularity as more people become more interested in physical fitness, and seek out new and exciting opportunities to challenge themselves and push the limits.

Parkour, with its emphasis on discipline, athleticism and creativity, is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age, skill level or background. Parkour is a great way to keep active and fit. You never know, you might discover a new passion or become the next great parkour ace.


Parkour was developed by David Belle, a member the Yamakasi group of France in the early 1990s. Parkour is a popular sport and fitness discipline that is enjoyed by millions around the globe.

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