where does parkour come from

Where Does Parkour Come From?

It is a discipline which involves moving efficiently through obstacles in an urban setting. It has become increasingly popular over the years, inspiring many people around the world to adopt it as a physical activity. The origins of the parkour are not well-known. This article will explore the origins of parkour.

The Roots of Parkour

Parkour has its roots in France, and more specifically the suburb of Lisses. In the early 1980s a group of men, including David Belle, who created modern-day parkour practiced a movement style that involved running, climbing, and jumping obstacles in their environment. This style of moving was heavily influenced Belle’s father Raymond, a French military officer who specialized in obstacle training for soldiers. The young men who practiced it called it “Art du Deplacement,” or “the Art of Movement.” Later, they became known as Yamakasi. This means “the strong spirit” (in Lingala), a language spoken by people in Central Africa. The Yamakasi started to share their skills and knowledge with others and parkour was born.

The Spread of Parkour

The Yamakasi started to demonstrate their skills and showcase them to the public. The performances were well-received, and parkour began to gain attention outside France. Sebastien Foucan, a former member of Yamakasi who left to start his own “freerunning” movement, popularized parkour in the UK. Freerunning is more acrobatic and involves more flips than parkour. It has also evolved into competitions. Events such as the Art of Motion or the Red Bull Art of Motion showcase the world’s best parkour athletes.

The Philosophy of Parkour

Parkour is more than just a physical sport. It’s a way of living. It emphasizes self-improvement through movement. The philosophy of parkour is based on overcoming obstacles, pushing yourself to new heights both physically and mentally. They also emphasize the importance of safety, respect for the environment, and the need to train responsibly.

The Equipment used in Parkour

Parkour is not a discipline requiring any specialized equipment. Practitioners need only their bodies and a secure environment to train. Running shoes are essential for parkour practitioners. They should be supportive, comfortable, and have good grip. Cross-training or lightweight running sneakers are ideal.

The Future of Parkour

Since its beginnings in Lisses (France), parkour has evolved a lot. It has become extremely popular and inspired a whole new generation of practitioners around the world. It will be interesting to watch the direction that parkour takes in the future. It is evident that parkour, with its growing popularity and the emergence and growth of competitions, is not a passing fad but a discipline that will last. Since then, it has spread around the world and is now a popular way to improve your health and fitness. The discipline has an extensive history and philosophy. Its future looks bright as more people become aware of its benefits.

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