what is parkour gymnastics

What is Parkour Gymnastics?


Parkour gymnastics is also known as freerunning. It’s a discipline that uses the body’s natural abilities to move in an environment in a graceful and athletic way. Parkour gymnastics is a French discipline that involves performing acrobatic moves and jumping, flips, and other difficult movements to overcome obstacles. This practice requires great control, balance, strength and agility. It is becoming increasingly popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

Parkour Gymnastics: The Basic Principle

Parkour gymnastics is based on the principle of moving quickly and efficiently from one point to the next without any interruptions. The only tool used to navigate the urban landscape is the human body. The ultimate goal is to overcome any obstacles, natural or man-made, as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. It is a combination of philosophy, art, and physical training. It emphasizes efficiency, adaptability, and making the most of one’s natural abilities.

Parkour Gymnastics: The History

Parkour gymnastics was established in France in 1980s. Its pioneer was David Belle. He founded the discipline from his own experiences running, climbing and jumping over rooftops. Belle founded the ‘Yamakasi” group in Paris with a few of his friends. This group is widely considered to be the birthplace for modern parkour gymnastics. Parkour was first coined in 1990s and has enjoyed immense popularity all over the world.

Parkour Gymnastics: The Benefits

Parkour gymnastics is a great workout and offers many mental and physical health benefits. Parkour gymnastics has many benefits.

1. Full Body Workout

Parkour gymnastics is a full body workout that increases strength, endurance, flexibility and agility. It strengthens the whole body and improves cardiovascular health. This results in a fitter and healthier body.

2. Better coordination and balance

Parkour gymnastics requires a lot of coordination and body control. This results in better balance and control over the body. Parkour gymnastics improves spatial awareness and confidence.

3. Mental Benefits

Parkour gymnastics offers more than a good workout. Parkour requires focus, concentration, problem-solving skills, and a high level in focus. This discipline can improve mental clarity and help you deal with difficult situations.

4. Creativity and self-esteem are boosted

Parkour gymnastics is a way to use creativity and spontaneity to navigate through an environment. It can lead to increased creativity and self-esteem.

The Fundamentals of Parkour Gymnastics

Parkour gymnastics requires a solid foundation as well as mastering the fundamentals. These are the fundamental movements of parkour gymnastics.

1. Quadrupedal Movement

Quadrupedal movement, a fundamental movement in parkour gymnastics, involves using both your hands and your feet to move like an animal. It is an important building block of the discipline and a great method to improve coordination and body control.

2. Landing Techniques

Parkour gymnastics is incomplete without landing techniques. This involves properly landing from high heights after performing jumps or flips. To avoid injury and improve agility, landing techniques are essential.

3. Vaults

Vaults involve using your hands to push the object off of the ground and jumping over obstacles. It is an essential movement for parkour gymnastics. It helps improve coordination, balance and agility.

4. Wall Runs

Wall runs are a way to run up a vertical surface. It is a very advanced move in parkour gymnastics. It requires strength and balance to perform.

Safety concerns in Parkour Gymnastics

Parkour gymnastics requires a certain level and skill. It can also be dangerous if it is not done correctly. Parkour gymnastics involves moves at heights, and sometimes even involves falling. Safety is a key consideration.

1. Proper training and supervision

Parkour gymnastics requires proper supervision and training. Beginners should receive formal training from experienced coaches. You will be able to learn the correct techniques and landing techniques from a coach, which will make it less likely that you get hurt.

2. Wear protective gear

When performing parkour gymnastics moves, it is important to wear protective gear such as gloves, shin pads, helmets, and gloves to reduce the risk of injury.

3. Warm up properly

It is important to warm up before you begin parkour gymnastics. Stretching and warming up are good ways to prevent muscle strains and injuries.

The Future of Parkour Gymnastics

Parkour gymnastics has gained popularity all over the world and is now a well-recognized sport in many countries. Parkour gymnastics is becoming more mainstream and there are plans to make it an official Olympic sport. Parkour gymnastics will continue to gain popularity and more people will be able to enjoy its incredible mental and physical benefits.


Parkour gymnastics is an exciting and unique discipline that is growing in popularity. Parkour gymnastics emphasizes the use of natural human body abilities such as strength, balance, agility, and speed to move gracefully, efficiently, uninterrupted, and without interruption. Parkour gymnastics is a full body workout that provides mental and physical health benefits. It includes improved coordination, balance and strength, mental clarity, and increased creativity. Parkour gymnastics is safe. Beginners should receive proper training and supervision. Parkour gymnastics is the future sport and its popularity is growing.

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