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Welcome to the Exciting World of Parkour Gyms in Charlotte, NC

Parkour is an intense, fast-paced sport in which athletes use their physical strength to overcome obstacles. Parkour gyms provide a controlled and safe environment for athletes to train and improve their skills. Charlotte is home to some of the best parksour gyms around. In this article, we’ll take a closer at the Charlotte parkour gyms, their facilities and what makes them special.

Parkour Gyms Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, a bustling North Carolina city, offers its residents a wide variety of sports and fitness opportunities. Here are some of Charlotte’s top parkour gyms.

APEX Movement Charlotte

APEX Movement, a national parkour gym chain, offers athletes of all levels high-quality training. Their Charlotte branch, located in the historic South End area, offers a variety of classes and events to adults and children. APEX Movement Charlotte is a 7,500-square-foot facility with a large open gymnasium, a kids’ training area, and an obstacle course in the ninja warrior style.

Carolina Parkour

Carolina Parkour, a locally-owned and operated parkour facility in Charlotte, offers classes, camps and events for people of all ages and abilities. Their facility has a 3,000-square-foot training area that includes a variety obstacles, such as rails, walls, and boxes, to improve athletes’ performance. Carolina Parkour’s certified coaches are highly qualified and experienced. They have been trained by Parkour Generations – the world’s largest parkour organization.

Urban Movement

Urban Movement is an established parkour gym with locations all over the country. Their Charlotte branch, located in the trendy Plaza Midwood neighborhood, offers a variety of classes, workshops, and camps for people of all ages. The gym has a 6,000-square-foot training area, which includes a custom obstacle course, trampoline sections, and foam pits. Urban Movement’s coaches have been extensively trained and certified by American Parkour Academy.

Carolina Ninja Warrior

Carolina Ninja Warrior combines elements of obstacle course racing, parkour and ninja fighter. Charlotte’s location in the University area offers a variety of classes, camps and events for both children and adults. The gym at Carolina Ninja Warrior is equipped with various obstacles, such as the warped wall, the salmon ladder and the spider climb. The gym’s coaches have extensive experience in ninja training and competition.


Parkour gyms offer fitness enthusiasts a great opportunity to participate in a dynamic and exciting sport, whether they are beginners or experienced athletes. These gyms offer a safe and supportive environment to improve your skills and train. Sign up for classes today at one of the top parkour gyms Charlotte has to offer!

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