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Welcome to Austin Parkour Gym

Austin Parkour Gym offers an immersive and exhilarating experience that challenges the body, mind and spirit. Our facility offers a safe, controlled environment where individuals of all ages can learn and practice parkour.

State-of-the Art Facility

Our state-of the-art facility is equipped with everything you need to elevate your parkour skills. We have a variety of training equipment for all levels of parkour enthusiasts, including trampolines, foam pits, precision bars, and cat leaps.

All Levels Programs

Our facility is open to everyone, from beginners to professionals. We offer a variety of programs tailored to your individual needs. These include group classes, private sessions, and open gym sessions.

Experienced Coaches

Our coaches are committed to helping you achieve parkour goals, while maintaining your safety. They will guide you in the fundamental movements of Parkour, such as vaulting, landing, and rolling. They will also provide you with feedback tailored to your abilities.

Austin Parkour Gym believes that parkour is not just a physical exercise – it’s also a way of thinking. Our ethos revolves around the principles of self improvement, teamwork and overcoming obstacles. We aim to create an inclusive and supportive community that encourages people to achieve their full potential.

Events and Competitions

We also organize events and competitions to challenge individuals and test their skills. These events are an excellent way to show off your parkour skills, to meet other like-minded people, and to gain exposure to a wider parkour community.

Join Us Today!

Austin Parkour Gym is the place to go if you want a fun and challenging way to improve your agility and push your limits. Join us today to experience the thrill of Parkour in a supportive and safe environment. We thank you for choosing Austin Parkour Gym.

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