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Unspeakable Parkour: A Guide to Extreme Movement

Unspeakable Parkour is the ultimate physical discipline that combines athletics and art. It began as a system of training for soldiers and firemen, but is now a global trend. Unspeakable Parkour is about moving through any environment with grace and speed. To leap over walls, roll on rails, or twist around walls, it takes strength, balance and flexibility. This article will cover everything you need about unbeatable parkour. From its history and philosophy, to the essential movements and training techniques, you’ll learn it all.

History of Unspeakable parkour

In the late 1980s, Unspeakable Parkour was born in France. It was created by a group called the Yamakasi who were fascinated by traditional martial arts and gymnastics. L’Art du deplacement is a daring and new gymnastics style that was created by a group of nine men called the Yamakasi. They developed strength, endurance and agility through jumping, vaulting and climbing over urban structures and obstacles. The Yamakasi philosophy is based on overcoming personal fears by using physical movement. It also encourages you to explore your environment and express yourself, test your limits, enjoy life and achieve self-mastery.

Unspeakable parkour fundamentals

Here are the fundamental principles that define unspeakable parkour.

  1. Safety first: Unspeakable Parkour may appear dangerous, but this is a discipline with controlled risks. Always assess an obstacle before attempting to overcome it. Avoid high-risk moves until after you have extensively trained and use the proper gear such as running shoe, gloves, or padded clothing.
  2. Efficiency: Unspeakable Parkour is about finding the most efficient route to get from A to B. This involves reading the surroundings, planning the moves, and executing flawlessly with minimum effort.
  3. Unspeakable Parkour isn’t about jumping from obstacle to obstacle. It’s more about using your body’s movements and allowing the flow to guide you through the environment. It is a physical activity that focuses on fluidity and grace.
  4. Creativity is encouraged: Unspeakable Parkour enthusiasts are encouraged develop their own style, and find creative ways to overcome obstacles. You can use your strengths, try different combinations of moves, or add your flair to overcome obstacles.
  5. Perseverance – Unspeakable Parkour requires a high level of perseverance due to the training and skills required to overcome more difficult obstacles. The training will improve your physical and mental strength so you can take on any challenge that comes your way.

Unspeakable parkour: Techniques and moves

You will need to master the following moves and skills in order to master unspeakable Parkour. Although there are many variations of these moves, they all have the same fundamentals.

  1. Wall climb: This is a move that involves climbing or vaulting a wall by using your legs and momentum.
  2. Precision jump: This is a small jump or leap that will reach the destination. It requires perfect timing and balance, as well as body control.
  3. Cat leap: A dead end jump in which you leap away from an obstacle and grab the landing with your hand.
  4. Roll: Rolling is a safe landing technique that involves using your arms and leg to absorb shock when you land.
  5. Lache: This is a move that involves releasing the hand to swing over to the next obstacle.
  6. Kong: A cat jump, where you throw yourself over an obstacle with your hands usually touching the landing area.
  7. Dash vault: This is a move in which you vault over an object by planting your hands and maintaining your momentum.
  8. Tic-tac : This move involves pushing your body off a surface in order to propel you higher to your destination.
  9. Backflip: A complete 180-degree rotation of your body in the air, with a landing at your feet.
  10. Climb-up : Use your hands or feet to climb up an obstacle in the opposite direction of what you initially climbed over.

How to Train for Unspeakable parkour

Unspeakable parkour requires training to progress. Here are some steps you can take to ensure adequate training.

  1. Start with basic conditioning. Learn how to squat and plank, as well as lunge and midsection exercises.
  2. Build your strength. Start by doing squats and pull-ups.
  3. Focus on agility. Agility is an important aspect of unimaginable parkour. Practice landing, jumping, and balancing techniques frequently.
  4. Improve body control: Develop body control by performing balance exercises to improve your spatial awareness and movement.
  5. Flow and creativity can be improved: Once you master the basic parkour moves you can improve your flow. You can also create more creative moves.
  6. Stretching can increase your flexibility, which will help you land and execute moves.
  7. Train regularly. You can’t master parkour in a day. It is important to train consistently in order to develop and improve your skills.

Tips for Unspeakable Parkour

Here are some tips to help you become a better parkour-athlete:

  1. Start slowly: Before moving on to more difficult moves, start by doing simple moves. Build your strength and technique gradually and avoid going too fast.
  2. Take your time. It may take you longer to learn a move, but going slowly and steadily will keep you safer and improve your overall progression.
  3. Never attempt moves beyond your level of skill.
  4. Focus on proper landing technique to avoid injury.
  5. Keep training: Consistency will help you maintain your progress and continue to improve.


Unspeakable Parkour is a physical discipline that requires intense training to master but is well worth the effort. It promotes mental toughness, physical fitness, and creativity. If you’re interested in giving it a go, start slowly, stay safe and enjoy the thrill that comes with pushing your limits. You can become a parkour athlete with determination, practice and consistency.

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