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Toby Segar: A Prominent Free Runner and Stuntman


Toby Segar, a well-known stuntman and free runner, has been making waves in entertainment for a while now. Toby was born in Hastings, England on January 21, 1992. He has always been fascinated by parkour and free running. He is today one of the most well-known free runners in the world and his performances have inspired many to take up the sport.

Influences and Early Life

Toby Segar was born in Hastings, a seaside town. His brother, an enthusiast, introduced him to parkour and free running. Toby was active as a child and quickly discovered that he had a natural talent in running, jumping, flipping and flipping. Toby began to do free running and parkour, and soon he was attracting attention from others in the community.

Toby’s Life: The Impactful Figures

Toby was influenced by many athletes and practitioners as he developed his free running career. David Belle, the French founder and pioneer of parkour, and Sebastien Foucan (a French free runner who is credited with inventing the term “free running”, were just a few of these. Toby was inspired by these figures to pursue free running as his career.

Career as a Stuntman and Free Runner

Toby started as a free runner and stuntman when he was in his teens. Toby began by performing at local competitions and events. Soon he was invited to perform at larger events across the country. His performances quickly earned him a following. Many were impressed by his combination creativity and technical ability.

Free Running and Stunt Work Examples

Toby Segar performed a variety of stunt work and free running in his early performances. Toby Segar would often do gravity-defying jumps, flips, and run across buildings and walls, as well as perform all manner of acrobatics that seemed to defy the laws of physics. He began to include more elaborate stunts in his act as he grew in his career, including high falls and wire work.

Recent Developments

Toby Segar has pushed the boundaries of what is possible within the world of stunt running and free running in recent years. He has worked on many high-profile projects including TV shows and movies as well as stage performances.

Acclaimed Projects

His most memorable performances include his appearances on “Ninja Warrior UK,” a popular television series. Toby also appeared in the stage show “Running Wild”, which combines circus skills with parkour and acrobatics. He has also appeared in “Assassin’s Creed” as well as “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.”

Other Ventures

Toby Segar is a free runner and stuntman. He also has a wide range of creative ventures. He is an avid photographer and posts his work often on social media. He is also an avid writer and has contributed to many free running and parkour publications over the years.

Photographic and writing examples

Toby’s photography often focuses on parkour and free running. He captures stunning images of practitioners in action. His writings have covered a variety of topics including training techniques, history of parkour and free running philosophy.


Toby Segar is a true trailblazer within the world of stunt running and free running. His incredible talent and dedication to his craft have inspired many people to take up free running and parkour. His performances continue to be a magnet for audiences all over the globe and his career is not slowing down.

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