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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Parkour Script


Parkour is a popular sport that involves running, jumping and climbing over various obstacles in urban environments. Parkour has enjoyed a lot of popularity over the years due to its inclusion in music videos, movies, and video games. Although it might seem chaotic and spontaneous, parkour requires planning and preparation. The script is one of the most important aspects in parkour. This guide will show you how to create a parkour script that will make your team and you feel safe and exciting.

What is a Parkour Script and how does it work?

A parkour script is a detailed plan which outlines the course, challenges and objectives. A parkour script is essential for many reasons. It ensures that everyone is safe and able to complete the course. It creates a cohesive experience that is both challenging and achievable. It can also help participants feel more accomplished and progress.

Step 1: Define your Objectives

Before you begin writing your parkour script you must first define what you want. Are you creating a course to compete or perform? Are you looking for a challenge for yourself and your team members? Are you looking to show off your creativity and skills? Once you define your objectives, you can start designing your course.

Step 2: Locate a Location

Finding a suitable location is the next step in creating a parkour script. You want a challenging location with multiple obstacles and surfaces that allow you to run, jump, climb, and jump on. You should also make it easy to access and legal to use.

Step 3: Identify Obstacles

Once you have located a location, identify the obstacles you want to include in your course. These obstacles could be rails, benches or walls. It is important that you choose obstacles that are not too difficult, but that can be safely navigated.

Step 4: Create a route

Once you have identified your obstacles, it is time to create a route that connects them in an logical and challenging manner. You want the course to flow smoothly and feel like it’s a natural progression from obstacle to obstacle. It is important to consider how each obstacle fits into the overall course.

Step 5: Add Challenges

You can make your course more challenging and exciting by adding additional obstacles or challenges. These could be time-based, such as finishing the course within a certain time or skill-based, that require a specific move.

Step 6: Take the course to test

To ensure safety and accessibility, you will need to test your course before you finalize your script. This includes running the course through yourself and having other parkour practitioners review it. Based on feedback from testers, you may need to make changes to the course.

Step 7: Finish your script

After you have completed your course testing and made any necessary adjustments, it is time to finalize your script. You should include detailed instructions for each obstacle as well as any variations. Safety guidelines should be included, such as proper landing techniques and wearing protective gear.

Tips for Writing a Great Parkour Manual

– Make the course challenging, but manageable. Use a variety obstacles and surfaces. Create a sense that progression and accomplishment. Test the course thoroughly before finalizing your script. Include safety guidelines and instructions for each obstacle. Have fun with it!


A parkour script is a key part of creating an exciting and safe parkour course. These tips and steps will help you create a course that inspires and challenges you and your team. Safety is the most important thing. Have fun!

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