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The Ultimate Guide to Parkour: A Discipline of Physical and Mental Mastery

Do you want to be able to move freely in your environment and use your body to overcome obstacles? Parkour may be for you. Parkour is a sport that requires you to use your body to move quickly and efficiently through obstacles like walls, rails, and other obstacles. This comprehensive guide to parkour will cover everything you need to know about the discipline, including advanced techniques and training strategies.

What is Parkour?

Parkour, a discipline that was developed in France in 1990s, involves using your body to maneuver obstacles in your environment in fluid and creative ways. Parkour is about moving as efficiently as possible using techniques like running, jumping, vaulting, and other tricks to overcome any obstacle.

Parkour is more than just a form of entertainment or sport. It is often used in films and other media to show off an exciting and visually appealing form. Parkour is a discipline that requires physical and mental mastery. It helps practitioners improve their balance, agility, strength and creativity as well as helping them develop valuable life skills like self-discipline and perseverance.

Parkour: The Basics

Parkour, like any other sport or physical activity has its own set if fundamental techniques and movements that are the foundation of the discipline. These are the most important things you should know when you start parkour.


Running is the most fundamental and essential skill of parkour. It involves moving forward at a fast speed and using your legs to propel yourself forward. Parkour often combines running with other techniques like jumping and vaulting to overcome obstacles.


Parkour is not complete without jumping. This involves using your legs and pushing off the ground to propel yourself up into the air. Parkour has many types of jumps. There are precision jumps where you jump with precision, standing jumps where you jump from a fixed position, and running jumps where you use your momentum to increase height and distance.


Rolling is a technique where you roll your body after landing from a jump or fall. This helps absorb the impact of landing and reduces the risk of injury to your bones and joints. Rolling is a vital skill in parkour, especially when you are trying to do more advanced moves or jumping from high places.


Climbing is a sport that requires you to use your hands and feet in order to climb and descend walls and other obstacles. Parkour often combines climbing with other techniques, such as jumping or hanging, to overcome more difficult obstacles.

Advanced Parkour Techniques

Once you have mastered the basics, you can start to explore more advanced techniques. These are some of the most difficult and impressive parkour moves:


Vaulting is a technique that involves using your feet and/or hands to jump off obstacles and propel yourself over them. There are many types of vaults in parkour.


Wall-running is when you use your legs to climb a wall or other vertical surface. Then, push off to propel yourself forwards or upwards. This technique requires strength, balance, agility, timing, and movement control.

Precisions and Cat Leaps

Precisions and cat jumps are parkour moves that require precision and accuracy to jump from one point or another. These techniques are useful when you have to navigate narrow ledges and other small spaces. They require a high degree of concentration and focus.

Flips and Twists

Parkour’s most impressive moves are flips and twists. They involve your body rotating in the air while you jump or vault over obstacles. There are many types of parkour flips and twists, including the backflip, front flip, cork, gainer, and cork.

Parkour Training

Parkour training requires both mental and physical discipline. It also requires regular practice and improvement. Here are some important points to remember when training for parkour.

Strength Training

Parkour requires strength and endurance. This is especially true for the muscles of the legs, core and upper body. Squats and lunges are some of the best exercises to train parkour.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Parkour involves a lot running and jumping. It is important to have good cardiovascular condition. To improve your endurance and stamina, you should do regular running, cycling, and swimming.

Skill Practice

Parkour is best practiced regularly. This means finding a safe space to practice and working on improving your basic movements.

Mental Focus

Parkour is a dangerous sport that requires precision timing and movement control. It is important to have strong mental focus and awareness while training. This means being focused on the task at hand, being aware and alert to potential hazards and trusting your training and abilities.

Parkour’s Benefits

Although parkour may seem extreme and dangerous to outsiders it has many benefits for practitioners. It is more than just a way to impress your friends and learn cool moves. These are some of the greatest benefits of parkour.

Improved physical fitness

Parkour requires high levels of physical fitness. It builds strength, endurance, agility, and coordination in a full-body workout. Parkour can improve your fitness, reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases, and improve your quality of living.

Greater self-esteem and confidence

You will gain confidence in your abilities and self-esteem as you learn and master new parkour techniques. This will translate into other areas of your lives as you push yourself to the limit and overcome obstacles mentally and physically.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

Parkour requires a lot problem-solving skills. You need to be able to assess your surroundings and find creative ways to navigate around obstacles. Parkour can improve your ability to think critically, find solutions, and be creative in all aspects of your life.

Increased resilience and adaptability

Parkour is a high-risk activity that involves precise timing and movement control. It can help you to be more resilient and adaptable in the face of unexpected challenges. This skill can help you be more flexible and able to handle any situation that comes your way.


Parkour is a discipline that requires both mental and physical mastery. It promotes mental focus, physical fitness, and creative problem solving skills. Parkour is a rewarding and challenging path to self-mastery and personal growth, no matter what level you are at. Give it a shot and see what you can do.

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