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The Art of Double Jump Parkour


Double jump parkour can be described as one of the most difficult forms of parkour. To pull off double jump parkour requires great control, skill and coordination. This is also one of the most thrilling parkour moves, as it impresses spectators and feels almost like flying! In this article, we will dive into double jump parkour technique and all you need to master it. We’ve got everything you need to know about double jumping, from the basics to how to train for it.

What is Double Jump Parkour?

Double jumping, as the name implies, is when you jump twice in rapid succession. A double jump in parkour is used to cover more distance and/or height than a single jump. Double jumps are used when a single jump cannot cover the distance or height. Double jump parkour involves jumping high and fast over and up on obstacles.

Why is Double Jump Parkour so Important?

Double jump parkour is important because it allows you to cover more distance and reach higher heights. Double jump parkour allows you to cover greater distances and heights.

The mechanics of Double Jump Parkour

You must have excellent running speed and jump ability to perform a double jumping. You should be able to jump at a normal speed for the first jump. However, the second jump must be done correctly in order to achieve the best height and distance. This will give your momentum to jump higher and further.

How to master double jump parkour

Double jump parkour is a slow-paced sport that requires patience. These are some steps that will help you master double-jump parkour.

1. Start with regular jumps

Make sure you have a solid foundation in regular jumps before you attempt a double jump. To improve your jumping skills, practice jumping over obstacles of different heights and distances.

2. Improve your running and jumping technique

You must have both good running speed as well as great jumping ability to perform a double leap. To improve your running and jumping ability, practice the proper technique.

3. Get Explosive Power Training

Double jump parkour requires explosive power in order to perform the second jump. You can train for explosive power by doing exercises to increase your leg strength and power such as squats and lunges and box jumps.

4. Coordinate and Control

Double jumping parkour requires high levels of coordination and control. To improve your coordination and control, practice landing and jumping with control.

5. Start with small obstacles

Start small when you first attempt double jump parkour. To improve your technique and confidence, practice jumping over small obstacles.

6. Moving on to bigger obstacles

As you gain confidence and skill, you will gradually increase the height of the obstacles that you jump over. This will allow you to perform more complex and impressive double leaps.

Tips to Master Double Jump Parkour

These are some additional tips that will help you master double-jump parkour.

1. Visualize Your Jump

Visualize your double jump before you attempt it. This will allow you to anticipate the distance and height you will need to cover as well as the timing and timing of your jumps.

2. Practice in a Safe Environment

Double jumping parkour can be dangerous when done in an unsafe environment. You should practice double jump parkour in safe places such as a gym or parkour gym.

3. Listen to your body

Parkour places a lot on your joints and muscles. Double jumps require a lot more explosive power. Listen to your body, and don’t push your limits.

4. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Double jump parkour requires focus and concentration. To avoid injury or making mistakes, you must remain focused on your technique as well as the obstacle in front.


Double jump parkour in parkour is a thrilling and exhilarating skill. Although it requires a lot of skill, coordination, and control to pull off, anyone can do it with practice and dedication. Take it slow and steady and practice in safe environments with a coach or an experienced practitioner. Have fun jumping!

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