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Tempest Parkour: The Ultimate Extreme Sport


Tempest Parkour, a popular extreme sport, was created in France and has taken over the world. It involves maneuvering through obstacles such as walls, railings and buildings using your body’s strength, agility, and only your body’s strength. Tempest Parkour, a pioneer in parkour, has enjoyed a huge popularity in recent years. This thrilling sport requires quick movement, daring maneuvers and quick decision-making skills. This article will provide a complete guide to Tempest Parkour, and all its aspects.

Tempest Parkour’s Origin:

Tempest Parkour was developed in France in the late 1980s, as we mentioned. A group of teenagers discovered how thrilling it was to jump and move through obstacles. They called it “l’art de placement” or “the arts of movement”. Parkour was originally considered a form of exploration and expression, but it quickly became a popular extreme sport. Tempest Parkour focuses on Parkour’s acrobatic and freestyle elements, adding jumps, spins and flips to the mix.

What makes Tempest Parkour different?

Tempest Parkour goes beyond just jumping from one point or another. It also incorporates many styles and movements that require years and practice. Tempest Parkour is known for its creativity, style, fluidity, and style. Each athlete has their own style and signature moves, making the sport more exciting and unique.

These are some basic moves of Tempest Parkour

Before we dive deeper into Parkour, let’s look at some basic moves that every parkour athlete should know: 1. The Roll: This is a vital move for Parkour athletes as it helps to avoid injuries if they fall or land awkwardly. The Precision Jump: Parkour requires you to jump quickly and accurately from one point to the next. The Cat Leap is a move that involves jumping from one obstacle onto another using your hands to propel yourself. The Wall Run: This is a running up a wall using your legs to propel yourself up and finishing the movement with a jump, or flip.

Tips for Beginners

Tempest parkour can seem intimidating to newbies. These are some tips to help you get started with Tempest Parkour. You can find a local parkour group or gym that offers professional training and guidance. You can start with the basics, then move on to more advanced maneuvers. To improve your agility and mobility, practice regularly both indoors as well as outdoors. To protect yourself against injuries, invest in the right gear such as padding and comfortable shoes.

Advanced Moves

Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on and learn more complex moves. These moves include: The Kong Vault: This is a move that involves clearing an obstacle by diving forward and tucking your knees. You then propel yourself forward using your arms. The Side Flip: This is a move that involves jumping from one obstacle into another, and then spinning 360 degrees in the air. The Palm Spin: This moves involves using your palm as a pivot point to spin you body around while jumping over obstacles.

Safety precautions

Tempest Parkour, an extreme sport, has inherent risks. These safety precautions are important for every athlete to follow: Before performing or training, warm up. Start with small obstacles, and gradually move up to bigger ones. Protective gear such as gloves, pads, helmets and pads should be worn. Avoid high-risk areas like busy streets, construction sites, rooftops, and other high-risk areas.

Tempest Parkour’s Future:

Tempest parkour has seen a huge rise in popularity recently, with athletes performing daring maneuvers and feats that exceed human limits. The sport is constantly evolving with new moves and techniques being added. We can expect to see more organized competitions, events, and Tempest Parkour becoming mainstream.


Tempest Parkour requires extreme agility, strength, and creativity. It is a sport that encourages freedom, self-expression, and the thrill from pushing oneself to the limits. Tempest Parkour may be the right sport for you if you are looking for something challenging and fun that challenges your mental and physical abilities. Anyone can become a Parkour ace with the right training, gear and mindset. This unique sport is thrilling and addicting.

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