places to do parkour

Places to Do Parkour


It is a discipline where you move fluidly and efficiently around obstacles. In recent years, it has grown in popularity as more people seek out places to practice. This article will explore the best places for parkour, both in urban and natural settings.

Urban Environments

Urban environments are probably the most popular place to do parkour. The built environment is full of obstacles that can be used to challenge practitioners. These include walls, railings, staircases and roofs.

City Centers

City centers are great places to do parkour. The dense network of streets, buildings, and public areas provides endless opportunities for movement. The city centers are usually crowded, making it difficult to find a quiet space to practice.

Industrial Areas

Industrial areas are a great location to practice parkour. Large factories, warehouses and storage yards offer a varied and interesting environment for training. They are usually quieter than the city centers and therefore ideal for training sessions that are more focused.

Playgrounds and parks

Playgrounds and public parks are great places to practice parkour. These spaces are designed for fun and can be a great place to practice parkour. It is important to respect other users, especially children, of the space.

Natural Settings

While urban environments are most commonly used for parkour, natural settings offer a completely unique experience. Natural environments present new challenges due to their uneven terrain and irregular obstacles.

Forests and Woodlands

Forrests and woodlands are great places to practice parkour. The uneven terrain, rocks and trees provide a unique practice environment. To avoid damaging sensitive ecosystems, it is essential to respect the natural environment.

Mountains and Hillsides

Parkour can be done in mountains and hillsides. They are challenging, but rewarding. The steep slopes and rocky terrain are a great test of mental focus and physical strength. When practicing parkour in these environments, it is important to use the right equipment and training.

Beaches, Coastlines and Coastlines

Beaches and coastlines are great places to practice parkour. The soft sand, rocks and ocean provide a great landing surface. It is important to be aware that there are tides, other hazards and rules and regulations about the use of space.


Parkour can be done in many different places, including urban and natural environments. Each environment has its own rewards and challenges, and it’s up to the practitioner to choose the place that suits their style and skill. There are many places to practice parkour, whether you prefer the fast pace and challenges of the city or the natural beauty in the great outdoors.

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