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Parkour YMCA: The Art of Movement


Freerunning, or parkour, is a discipline that involves moving quickly through obstacles with only the body. It is a fun and exciting way to train the mind, body, and spirit. Anyone can do it, regardless of age or ability. This article will explore parkour at the YMCA and discuss why it is such a unique way to train the body and the mind.

What is Parkour?

It is a discipline which originated in France during the 1980s. It was developed by individuals who wanted to overcome physical challenges in their daily life. It involves running, hopping, climbing, vaulting and rolling over obstacles in the environment with the goal of moving through the area as quickly and efficiently possible. It is a form of art that requires a lot of strength, agility, and skill. It is also a great way to challenge yourself physically and mentally.

Why Parkour?

It is a great exercise, but parkour is so much more. It is a holistic training method that trains the body, mind and spirit. You must learn to trust your instincts and body, and be aware of your surroundings and movements. It is a type of meditation in movement that can help build confidence, focus and resilience.

Parkour at the YMCA

The YMCA recognizes the benefits of parkour and has incorporated this into their fitness program. YMCA’s parkour classes are fun, inclusive and challenging. They are open to all ages and abilities. You will learn the basic movements of parkour including jumping, landings, vaulting and rolling. You will learn how to use these movements to overcome obstacles and move through space in a creative and efficient way.

Parkour at the YMCA: Benefits of Parkour

Parkour at the YMCA has many benefits. Here are a few of them:- Improved fitness – Parkour improves your overall fitness by improving your strength, agility and balance.

Get Started with Parkour at YMCA

You should consider a few things before you start parkour at the YMCA. Here are a few tips to get you started:- Wear appropriate clothes: Parkour is a lot about movement, so choose clothes that allow you to move easily.- Start slowly: Don’t do too much at once. Start slowly and build your confidence and skills by learning the basics.


The YMCA offers a variety of parkour classes that will help you get fit, gain confidence, and push yourself to new limits. YMCA’s parkour classes are suitable for all levels, whether you are a seasoned or a novice athlete. Why not give it a go and see what you can achieve? The possibilities are endless with parkour.

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