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Parkour: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Parkour is a sport that involves jumping from one building to another, scaling walls with ease, and maneuvering through obstacles with speed and agility. Parkour originated in France in 1990s and has since been a popular form and expression of movement all over the world.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a discipline that emphasizes efficient movement in your environment. Parkour’s practitioners, known as traceurs, learn to run, jump and swing using their bodies and surroundings to move creatively and quickly through urban environments. Parkour is not a sport. It is a mental and physical practice that improves mobility, self-confidence, and physical fitness. Parkour is often paired alongside freerunning, which emphasizes artistic expressions and acrobatics. Freerunning is sometimes called “parkour’s flip heavy cousin.”

How does parkour work?

Parkour is about moving through your environment as efficiently and quickly as possible using your body and any obstacles. Parkour movements are often improvised and tailored to the environment in which they are performed. You might use walls, railings or benches to support your body or propel it. Parkour is a form of jumping, vaulting and rolling.

Why do people practice parkour?

Parkour is practiced for many reasons. Some parkour for the challenge and the chance to push their bodies to the limits. Parkour offers the opportunity for creativity and freedom of movement. Others see it as a way of improving their confidence and overcoming mental barriers. Parkour is a way to live. Many people find great satisfaction in mastering the discipline.

How do you get started with Parkour?

It is important to be aware that parkour can be dangerous and requires training, experience, and safety precautions before you start practicing it. Find a local parkour gym or training facility where you can learn from skilled trainers and practice in safe surroundings. Online tutorials and resources are available to help you learn basic techniques, but they shouldn’t replace professional training. Safety is your number one priority. You should always take it slow and build up your experience and skills over time.

Basic Parkour Techniques

These are some basic techniques that you can use to start practicing parkour:


Jumping is one the most basic parkour techniques. Jumping involves jumping from one foot or both feet and landing onto your feet, knees or hands. You can start with small jumps, then increase the distance and height you can cover.


Vaulting is a technique that requires you to use your hands to propel yourself across obstacles such as walls or rails. There are three types of vaults: the safety vault, speed vault and the kong vault.


Rolling is a technique that absorbs shock and protects your body from falling or jumping. Rolling forward over your shoulder and across the back, while tucking your head in and keeping your weight centered is how it works.


Climbing is the act of scaling walls, fences or other vertical obstacles with your upper body strength and technique. There are many types of climbing techniques available, including the cat climb and wall climb.

Parkour’s Benefits

Parkour is a physically demanding discipline that offers many mental and physical benefits. Here are some top benefits to practicing parkour.

Physical Fitness Improvement

Parkour is a great form of exercise that increases your strength, endurance and balance. Parkour can also help you lose calories and build lean muscle mass.

Higher Cognitive Function

Parkour requires you to adapt and solve problems constantly. This helps you improve your cognitive function as well as your critical thinking skills.

Increased confidence and self-reliance

Parkour requires persistence, mental toughness, self-discipline, and mental toughness. Working towards your goals and conquering obstacles builds confidence and self-reliance.

Improved Creativity & Expression

Parkour is a highly creative discipline that encourages individual expression and originality. Parkour encourages you to think outside of the box and to find unique ways to move around your environment.

Parkour Safety Tips

Parkour is a dangerous activity. It’s important to do it safely in order to avoid injury. Here are some safety tips:

Always keep your body warm and cool.

Before you begin practicing parkour, warm up by stretching and light exercise. To ease muscle soreness, do some gentle exercises and stretch afterwards.

Wear Proper Gear

Comfortable, durable clothing that allows you to move freely should be made from breathable fabric. Good-quality, supportive athletic shoes should provide good traction.

Slowly start and gradually increase your progress

Once you have mastered the basics, don’t try advanced parkour techniques. Slowly build your strength, endurance, and skills.

Practice in a Safe Environment

Parkour should be practiced in a safe place with safety precautions such as mats, pads and safety gear. Avoid practicing on uneven surfaces or in dangerous areas.


Parkour is a discipline that combines creativity, physical fitness, and mental toughness. Parkour is a difficult practice that requires persistence, patience, and the willingness to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Parkour can be a rewarding and fulfilling activity if you have the right training and safety precautions.

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