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Parkour Vault: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastery

Parkour is a fascinating discipline which has taken the world by storm. Parkour is a technique that involves using your body to move through obstacles in a graceful and efficient manner. Parkour vaults are a vital part of the discipline. They enable practitioners to overcome obstacles such a walls, railings, or other structures easily.

What is a Parkour Vault and how does it work?

Parkour vault is a gymnastics move that requires you to quickly and efficiently get over an obstacle. This move is crucial in parkour training as it allows practitioners to overcome most obstacles. This move involves running, jumping, landing on an obstacle, and using your arms to create upward momentum. There are many ways to do the vault, but it is important to understand the basics before you move on to more complicated moves.

Why should you learn Parkour Vault?

Parkour practitioners must learn the Parkour vault. This is the main technique that Parkour practitioners use to climb over walls and other obstacles and cover distances quickly. This skill will allow practitioners to navigate through busy cities with confidence and good body mechanics. The vault is also a foundational building block for many other parkour moves. It is essential for anyone who wants to improve their parkour skills, regardless of their level of experience.

The Different Types of Vault Techniques

Depending on the structure of the obstacle, the Parkour vault can be used in different styles. These are some of the most popular vault types:

1. Safety vault:

The safety vault is the most basic type of parkour vault. This is used when the obstacle is too low and there is not enough time for a running start. It involves placing one foot on the obstacle and swinging the other leg through the arms to land on either side.

2. Speed Vault

The speed vault is the fastest parkour vault. It is used when the obstacle height is not too high and there is enough time for a running start. The speed vault involves jumping over an obstacle with one hand on it and the other placed diagonally behind your body. The practitioner’s body moves horizontally over the obstacle, with the back leg following the arms. To be able to execute the move properly, practitioners must maintain a good body posture and tight ‘tuck’.

3. Kong Vault

Kong vault is a technique that involves jumping over an obstacle and using one’s hands “monkey swing” to gain height so you can pass the obstacle feet first. This technique is difficult to master, but it is very rewarding once you have mastered it.

4. Dash Vault:

The Dash Vault can be used when the obstacle is not too tall and steady but it is not possible to get a good run up. This involves jumping at an angle to the obstacle and supporting one hand on the obstacle to gain height so that you can pass over it. This move is quicker than the safety vault but requires more timing and distance.

The Parkour Vault’s Benefits

Learning and practicing parkour vault has many benefits. Here are some of the most important:

Improved Body Control

Parkour vault requires good posture and precise body control. This can be transferred to other disciplines when practiced and learned regularly.

Increased confidence

The ability to master the parkour vault gives you confidence to overcome obstacles with ease. This confidence can be translated into other areas of your life as self-efficacy, confidence, and self-confidence.

Improve your Reaction Time and Reflexes

Parkour vault requires fast reflexes and quick reaction time. This will only get better with practice. This ability can be transferred to other areas of your life, such driving, sports, and other daily activities.

Enhance Your Strength and Endurance

Parkour practitioners will be able to tackle more difficult vaults as they progress. These vaults will require greater strength and endurance in order to successfully execute. These moves can strengthen the body and improve overall fitness, which can lead to better health.

Parkour Vault can be combined with other moves

Once a practitioner is proficient in the basic parkour vault, they are able to combine the move with other skills such as wall runs, cat leaps and rolls, depression jumps, wall runners, cat leaps and cat leaps, and other advanced techniques. This creates a unique skill set that can make it much easier to overcome obstacles.

Tips for Learning the Parkour Vault

Parkour vault is an essential technique in Parkour training. Here are some tips to help you master the vault.

1. Regular practice is important:

Mastering parkour vault and any other parkour technique requires practice. Daily practice of the Vault at different angles and on various surfaces will help you to build muscle memory which will improve your ability to execute the technique.

2. Use proper posture

Proper posture is essential for performing the Vault correctly. Parkour is built on the foundation of body posture. Learning to maintain a stable and balanced posture will help you navigate all aspects of parkour.

3. Focus on proper technique:

Focus on the correct technique and execute the move correctly. If you try to master advanced moves before you know the basics, you can injure yourself and cause poor technique mechanics.

4. Learn from experienced practitioners

Parkour practitioners are able to help you learn and master the technique. You can master the technique faster and more effectively if you practice with others than if you learn it by yourself.

5. Include drills in your training:

Drills can be a great way to improve your technique. You might consider a mentor or coach to help you create drills and training sessions that will benefit your learning process.


Parkour vault mastery is an important part of parkour training. This technique is essential for Parkour training and can be used to overcome many obstacles during free-running or training. Regular practice, combined with good technique and posture, can improve your body control, reflexes and strength, as well as your endurance. Anyone can learn this technique with enough dedication and take their parkour skills to the next level.

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