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Parkour Office Meme: The Ultimate Guide

Have you heard of the parkour meme? You’ve probably heard of it if you like the internet and memes. This meme has been a hit on the internet and is a favorite among many. This guide will explore the world of parkour memes in the office and tell you everything you need to about them.

What is a Parkour Office Meme?

A parkour office is a type internet meme where you create a video or an image of someone performing a parkour stunt in an office. Running, jumping and climbing are all part of the sport parkour. The parkour office meme puts this concept into an office environment, creating a humorous contrast between the two worlds.

The origins of the Parkour Office Meme

In 2016, a video posted by filmmaker Devin Supertramp on Vine was the first to make parkour office a meme. The video featured a man doing parkour in an office environment. It quickly became viral. Since then, people have recreated the meme countless times. They’ve put their own spin on the idea.

Why Parkour Office Memes are Popular

Why did the parkour meme for office become so popular? There are several reasons:

1. It’s Funny

The parkour office meme has a funny quality because it creates an interesting contrast between two worlds which are normally very different. It’s hilarious to see someone performing parkour stunts at an office.

2. It’s Relatable

Parkour office memes are a great way to get people thinking about their own office environment. We’ve all sat through boring meetings, dealt frustratingly with coworkers and felt trapped in our offices. The parkour office meme lets us escape the mundane and imagine a fun and exciting workplace.

3. It’s Creative

The parkour office meme lets people show off their creativity and come up new and exciting ways of performing parkour stunts within an office setting. This meme is appealing because each new video or picture is an opportunity to show your creativity and humor.

How to create your own Parkour Office Meme

Here are some tips on how to create a parkour office meme.

1. Plan Your Stunts

Before you begin filming, consider what stunts you would like to perform and how they can be performed safely in a workplace. You don’t need to break anything or hurt yourself.

2. Get Creative

Imagine new and exciting ways of performing parkour stunts at work. The more creative and original your video or image, the more likely you are to make it viral.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

You don’t have to make a long video in order to create an effective parkour office meme. It’s best to keep it short and sweet, as people will be more likely to share and watch shorter videos.

4. Be Safe

When performing parkour stunts, safety is paramount. Only attempt stunts you are confident about executing safely. Wear protective gear if needed.

The Impact of Parkour Office Memes

What impact have parkour memes on the internet, and society in general?

1. Parkour has Attracted attention

The parkour office meme introduced many people into the world of parkour, and helped popularize the sport. This increased attention has led more people to try out parkour, which is great for the sport.

2. They’ve brought humor to the workplace

The parkour office memes also bring levity and humor to a world that is often stressful. They can help us laugh at our own situations and ourselves, which is a great way to relieve stress.

3. They’ve Inspired Creativity

The parkour office meme inspired people around the world to be creative and create their own versions. This creativity has kept the meme alive.


The parkour office meme has become a popular and hilarious meme on the internet. This meme has had a huge impact on the internet, and society in general. You never know where your parkour office meme will lead you.

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