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Parkour Monkey Vault: A Guide to Mastering the Acrobatic Move

Parkour is a sport where you must move quickly and efficiently in your environment. The monkey vault is one of the most important techniques in parkour. The monkey vault is an acrobatic maneuver that involves jumping over obstacles and using your hands as support to your body weight. This guide will explain the benefits and how to master parkour monkey vault.

What is the Parkour Monkey Vault and how does it work?

The monkey vault is a basic parkour move that allows you to jump over short obstacles. This technique involves running fast to jump from one foot to another to lift your body above the obstacle. To support your body weight, place your hands on the obstacle as your body crosses it. This move is essential for any parkour athlete. It can be done in many ways.

Monkey Vault in Parkour: Benefits

Parkour monkey vault offers many benefits to anyone who is able to master the technique. These benefits are available to both novice and advanced parkour practitioners. Here are some of the benefits of the monkey vault for parkour:

1. It helps to improve coordination and balance

To successfully perform the monkey vault, you need to have good coordination and balance. This move can be practiced on a regular basis to improve your coordination and balance, making it easier to perform other parkour moves.

2. Strengthens the upper body

As you cross an obstacle, the monkey vault requires that your arms and shoulders support your body weight. This move is a great way to increase your upper body strength, which is a key part of parkour.

3. Increases confidence and mental toughness

The monkey vault can give you a sense accomplishment that can lead to greater confidence and mental toughness. This move requires focus and determination. Mastering it can help you to develop these qualities.

How to master the Monkey Vault in Parkour

Parkour monkey vault mastery requires patience, practice and discipline. These are the steps to master the technique.

1. Warm-up

To avoid injury, it is important to warm up before you attempt any parkour moves. Light cardio exercises are a good way to increase your heart rate and to loosen your muscles.

2. Do the basics

Begin by learning the basics of landing and jumping. Continue practicing these techniques until you feel confident.

3. Start with a low obstacle

To build your confidence and skill, start by taking on small obstacles. The smaller the obstacle, the easier it will be to overcome it.

4. Technique is the most important thing

As you perform the monkey vault, pay attention to how you are performing it. Jump from one foot to another and use your arms to support yourself over the obstacle.

5. Regular practice

Mastering any parkour move requires repetition. You can practice the monkey vault every day until you feel confident and comfortable with the technique.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when performing the Monkey Vault in Parkour

To master the monkey vault in parkour it is important to avoid common mistakes. Here are some common mistakes to avoid

1. Picking the wrong obstacle

It can be difficult to perform the monkey vault if you choose an obstacle that is too high, or too slippery. You should look for obstacles that are strong and have enough surface area so you can support your weight.

2. Failure to commit

The monkey vault, like all parkour moves requires commitment. Approach an obstacle with commitment and execute the move confidently.

3. The wrong technique

Injuries can result from using the wrong technique to execute the monkey vault. As you cross the monkey vault, make sure to jump from one foot to another. Also, use your arms to support yourself as you move.


To sum it all, patience, practice and dedication are required to master the monkey vault in parkour. You can improve your balance, coordination, upper body strength, mental toughness, and confidence by following the steps in this guide. Keep in mind to start with small obstacles and focus on your technique. Avoid common mistakes when performing the monkey vault. You will soon be able to perform the monkey vault efficiently and effortlessly with regular practice.

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