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Parkour Gyms NYC: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Urban Obstacles

Parkour, which is the art of safely and efficiently moving through urban terrain, has gained popularity over the years. Parkour, which has its roots in France, has taken on a new life in NYC where its practitioners use the city as their playground. A gym that specializes is necessary to become a proficient parkour athlete. Parkour gyms in NYC are here to help.

This guide will cover all you need to know about NYC’s parkour gyms. We will discuss the history of parkour, the benefits of training in it, and what you should look for in a gym. Finally, we will provide a complete list of NYC parkour gyms that you should check out. Let’s get started!

What is Parkour?

Before we get into the NYC parkour gyms, let’s first define parkour. Parkour is a discipline that trains athletes to move their bodies through their environment and overcome obstacles. It also helps them develop stability and agility.

Parkour requires physical fitness, agility and coordination as well as body control. Parkour involves running, jumping, vaulting and climbing. These movements are used by athletes to navigate through urban landscapes and overcome obstacles such as walls, railings, or stairs.

What are the benefits of parkour training?

Parkour training offers many benefits for athletes and anyone who wants to keep fit and healthy. These are just a few benefits of parkour training.

  1. Strength & Power: Parkour training includes a variety of upper- and lower-body movements that help build strength and power. Parkour requires a lot of core strength. It is a great workout for your abs.
  2. Agility – agility is the ability to change directions quickly and is an essential part of parkour training. Parkour requires athletes to be able to move at high speeds through their environment. Agility can help you improve your reaction time and coordination. This can be a benefit in any sport or activity.
  3. Endurance: Training in parkour is a great way to increase your endurance. Parkour requires a lot of energy, stamina, and can help you perform better for longer periods.
  4. Creative Problem Solving: Parkour demands quick thinking and problem solving skills. Athletes need to be able analyze their environment and find the best way to navigate it. This can help you develop creative thinking skills that can be used in other areas of your daily life.

What should you look for in a Parkour Gym

Let’s now discuss the benefits of parkour training.

  1. Training and Coaching: The quality of training or coaching is what you should be looking for when choosing a parkour studio. A coach or trainer who is competent will help you navigate through obstacles safely and effectively.
  2. Safety Standards: Safety is a top priority in any parkour gym. Make sure the gym has adequate safety measures like padding, mats, or other protective equipment.
  3. Location: It is important to consider the location of your gym. You should look for gyms that are located in safe areas and have easy access to public transportation.
  4. A Variety of Obstacles. Parkour requires that you train on a variety of obstacles. Therefore, a good gym should have a variety of obstacles that can be used to simulate real-life situations.
  5. Class Size Less class sizes mean more personal attention from trainers and coaches. To ensure proper instruction, look for gyms that limit class sizes.

The Best Parkour Gyms In NYC

Now that you are familiar with what to look for when looking for a parkour studio, let’s take an in-depth look at the top parkour studios in NYC.

  1. Brooklyn Zoo: Brooklyn Zoo, the most renowned parkour gym in NYC is Brooklyn Zoo. There are many obstacles at the gym, including a huge foam pit, bouldering wall and a ninja fighter course. You can either drop in for one class or sign up to a membership. Classes are offered seven days per week.
  2. The Movement Creative The Movement Creative is an urban parkour gym that emphasizes creativity as well as functional movement. The gym has a variety of obstacles including rails, walls, and pits for both beginners as well as more experienced athletes.
  3. The Cliffs at Valhalla – The Cliffs at Valhalla offers a premier climbing gym and a world-class parkour program. The gym hosts a variety of events throughout the year and offers classes for both adults and children.
  4. Apex Movement NYC – Apex Movement NYC focuses on safety and proper technique. There are many classes offered at the gym, including a beginner’s class that focuses solely on fundamental movements.
  5. Ninja Pass: Ninja Pass offers a variety of obstacles for children and adults. The gym features a trampoline court, a trampoline court, and a warping wall.


Parkour is both an art and a sport. It requires dedication and hard work. Parkour gyms in NYC offer the perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills, increase strength and agility, as well as meet other parkour enthusiasts.

When choosing a parkour school, make sure you look for high-quality coaching, safety standards, as well as a variety of obstacles. Safety and proper technique should always be prioritized over speed and flashiness.

Now that you have a complete guide to the best NYC parkour gyms, it’s time for you to get moving! Let’s get moving!

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